Friday, April 11, 2008

I'm Thankful My Washer is Fixed!

In case anyone was planning to surprise us with a visit -- don't! We're a sick household!

It seems that Tralee's throwing-up episode the other night wasn't due to choking, she caught a bug. Or maybe Jim or myself caught a bug and passed it on to Tralee. Or, maybe we ate something that made all three of us sick. Whatever we caught is causing a lot of unpleasantness at our household. I've had to do lots of laundry to clean up the messes that a flu bug can create. I'll leave out the details. I'm just grateful our washing machine is on the mend!!

I feel bad, because last night was supposed to be our fun bowling league night. It was the last night of bowling league where prizes were handed out, and there were fun bowling contests. Jim and I were really looking forward to it, and even asked Grandma Tricia to babysit Tralee so we could be kid-free. Instead the three of us stayed home, feeling sorry for ourselves.

I know I've kind of been a Debbie Downer lately, but overall I AM grateful for the life I lead and what I've been blessed with. I've just been in a weird funk. Maybe it's because this sickness was creeping up on me. I think I'm coming out of it though. Even though I feel crappy physically, mentally I'm in a better place than I was a few days ago.

I also haven't taken any pictures lately because we've all been looking/feeling crappy. But, I promise I'll post some soon.


amy said...

you're just having some no-good-luck with illnesses lately. no fun. i remember those days of constant illness and all that throwing up...there's enough laundry the way it is. hope you're all feeling better soon.

Boom said...

I miss you all! I hope everyone is healthy and happy and enjoying the beautiful weather. I heard it was beautiful there. It was snowing here an hour ago. Just now the sun peaked out. It's beautiful! Happy Day!

Love, Mom

Mary Ann Carlile said...

Oh man, I hope that you guys get to feeling better SOON! You really have had quite the rough week, huh? Sounds like you guys need a vacation...How does Nebraska sound?!

Hannah S said...

Ya, that was my week last week. It just throws everything off! That's too bad you missed your bowling game! Bummer. I hope this week will improve!