Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Anger Issues

I'm almost finished with my first sewing project! I made a rag quilt. I probably won't put pictures up, because it's going to be a present for someone that read my blog, and I don't want to spoil it. It looks pretty good for a first-timer though. The only down-side is that I was so wrapped up in this project that I let my house-work slip. I also started reading a book at the same time I started making this quilt, so it's safe to say that my house-work REALLY fell behind. The good news is I spent a good part of the day playing catch-up. My house is still a little messy, and I still have a lot of laundry to do, but I've been productive.

The book I read was called Makeover. I saw it in the Deseret Book catalog and thought it would be a fun read. It was pretty cheesy and predictable, but overall a cute story. I passed it along to my mother-in-law and warned her it was a bit cheesy, but fun none-the-less.

I just started reading the Twilight Series. Pretty much everyone I know has read them, so I thought I would give it a shot. I started reading the first book in the series today while Tralee took a nap. . . I know, I know, how am I supposed to get anything done if I keep reading? If you're wondering if I like my new book, I'm already on page 200-something and can't wait to put Tralee in bed tonight so I can keep reading it! I had to force myself to stop reading and actually start my housework.

It's perfect timing for me to get engrossed in a book, because the NBA playoffs are on now, and Jim's in full-on Basketball mode. If I try to talk to him during a game, especially if it's a game involving his favorite teams (Phoenix Suns, Utah Jazz, Cleveland Cavaliers) or his LEAST favorite team (LA LAKERS) I might as well be talking to a light bulb. So, after Tralee's down for the night Jim will watch the games he's recorded, and I'll read my book. It's a good thing we went out for a date Saturday night, because until the playoffs are over, Jim's one-true-love has switched from me to a bright orange ball and the tall guys that try to throw it into a basket.

One example of how into the playoffs Jim is, happened right before our date on Saturday night. Jim was watching a game, and the whole time he was screaming at the TV like a crazy person. So to say he was into it, would be an understatement. I was gathering Tralee's stuff to take over to Grandma's house, and I wanted to take her Elmo in Grouchland DVD along in case Grandma wanted to watch it with her. I was just focused on getting the DVD out, and didn't realize when I pushed eject, it would automatically switch the TV to DVD mode. I happened to hit eject the last twenty seconds of the game. . . in double overtime. Anyways, as soon as the game disappeared from the screen Jim FREAKED OUT!!! HE FREAKED! He kept yelling at me to "Turn it back on! Turn it back on!" When I finally got the game back on, the whistle blew. . . it was over. Jim missed the last few seconds of the game he had been so emotionally invested in for the last hour or so. I felt bad, and I swore to Jim I wouldn't go near the TV during the playoffs. On the other hand, I'm still laughing about how much Jim overreacted. He still swears it wasn't an overreaction, and any NBA fan in that position would have reacted the same way he did. What do you think?

In other news. . . Jim's cousin is selling a 12 foot trailer. Jim is going to buy it, and for a bargain price too! He's so excited about having his own trailer for work. It will save us money in the long run too. No more renting trailers and U-hauls to deliver cabinets. Hooray!

Tralee has started to scream and hit! What a little stinker! In church on Sunday we wouldn't let her out of the pew to walk around during Sacrament meeting so she started to scream! I mean full-on bloody murder screaming. There were no tears involved, she was just MAD and wanted us to know it! Her whole body would go rigid, her eyes would squint in anger, and she would just start a-screamin' After each time Jim or I would tell her to be reverent and to "shush!" and she would just get this "hose-off you two" look on her face and start screaming again. Eventually Jim took her out in the hall, as to not completely ruin the spirit for those around us. When he takes her into the hall, he doesn't let her walk around, because we don't want her to think screaming gets her what she wants. Usually he'll find a vacant classroom or a table and sit her on it until he thinks she's ready to be in sacrament meeting again. In Tralee's defense, Sacrament meeting falls right in the middle of Tralee's nap time. So, she's a little fussy. Also, sitting still for a one year old is a near impossible task. I bring tons of books, snacks, and quiet toys to occupy her, they only go so far before she wants out of the pew!

As far as the hitting is concerned, she started doing this on Sunday during Sacrament as well. It happened somewhere when the screaming began. She looked up at me and took a swing! I couldn't believe it! She looked so DETERMINED to show us JUST how ticked off she was. I really had to bite my tongue as to not laugh or smile, because she looked so funny. However, the screaming and hitting are NOT things I want repeated! I think we nipped the hitting in the bud pretty quick. After it happened a few times I held her hands, looked her in the eye, and sternly said, "We don't hit!" When she's tried again I did the same thing and set her on the ground. She hasn't hit since Sunday, so I hope that's the end of it!! But oh my goodness!!! If she's like this now, what will she be like at two? Or. . . at thirteen?!!? I shutter to think!!

Then after all the above screaming and hitting, we got home from church and she fell asleep. She looked like a little angel and all memories of screaming and hitting disappeared for the time being. I do have to say, the older Tralee gets, the more mischievous she is. I know we'll have our arms full, but I love every minute of it!!

How could you not love this face?


*Abby* said...

Okay, so just to start, I loved the whole twilight series... but the 1st one is still my favorite. Second, the anger issues... Ellee has some of those too. She hasn't hit, but she kicks and just the other day she started to try and slap our faces with both hands as if to grab our face and show us just how mad she is. And she loves the word NO! Like you, I am a little nervous for the "terrible twos" if we are already having these issues! My mother-in-law says that her kids didn't have the terrible twos, but their odd years were the hard ones... so here'e to hoping the 2's go easy!

Hannah S said...

This was a great post! I love to read your blog!
Well, Tyler would have reacted almost the same way...not for NBA but for MLBA.
Jocelyn hits (and has screamed for a while now) too and you handle it well. You're doing the right thing, and ignoring it and blowing it off makes it occur less often. We do the same thing in church.
Glad you're reading and taking time to sew! It certainly helps to have a break from children, husbands and housekeeping! :)