Friday, April 25, 2008


My brother and sister-in-law are on a kids-free vacation of sorts in Orlando, Florida (see her blog for details). Anyways, reading her blog brought back memories from Jim and my honeymoon to Disney World. We had a BLAST there (thanks to my Mom and Dad who gave us the trip as a wedding present). So, I started to look through our honeymoon pics and decided to share some of my favorites. Our sixth anniversary is coming up in a few weeks anyways. Six years, can you believe it?

There's nothing really exciting happening in our lives right now, so a visit down memory lane is what this post is all about. Plus, Tralee's taking her nap right now so I have few spare moments.

These pictures are in no particular order. This first one is of Cinderella, can you believe she tired to steal my man while we were on our honeymoon! She almost got a way with it, but I put her in our place. Ever since then Cinderella has been a sore spot in our marriage.

Don't worry though, Jim had to fight off a few Disney Characters himself. Dopey was looking FINE!!!

Then when we were eating dinner, Goofy took me away from Jim and proposed to me in front of the whole restaurant!! I told him he was a little late, and that I was on my honeymoon. Jim carried me out of the restaurant while Goofy looked on, head tilted, in despair. It was a really funny experience!!

After a while Jim and I decided to stop trying to make each other insane with jealousy by flirting with our favorite characters, and just enjoy their company instead. Maybe we enjoyed their company a little too much, especially Kermit and Miss Piggy!! WHOOHOO!! They were lookin' good to us!! We calmed ourselves a bit after this picture, and just took the pictures.

The line to see Mickey Mouse was SUPER long, so I just stood at a distance in awe while Jim took this picture

The first full day of our honeymoon it rained. I pretended to be sad, but it was actually GREAT! There were no lines at all.

Just some more fun photos:

Here are some pictures from the rides we went on. Crazy! Jim has a bit of a weak stomach, so after we went on Tower of Terror two times in a row I asked, "Want to go again?" He was like, "Uh, I don't think I can." That was the first time I realized I married a guy with a weak stomach. However, that didn't stop him from doing a barrel role in an airplane with me and one of our neighbors (a pilot) a few years later.

One of the reasons I've gone to Disney World eleven times now is because of the turkey legs. Think what you want, but these turkey legs are YUMMY!!

I guess that's all for now.

The Mickey and Minnie Honeymoon ears we wore were great!! We got such special treatment, tons of freebies, we were able to skip to the front of lines, and everyone smiled at us the whole time. We still have the ears somewhere, and when we go back to Disney for our fiftieth wedding anniversary (just the two of us) I'm sure we'll wear them again. :) The last two days of our honeymoon we didn't wear them, we were sort of over all the attention, and just wanted to blend in. However, the first five days we were all over it!

That was fun!!


amy said...

you guys sure saw a LOT of characters when you honeymooned! it didn't really feel like we were really at Disney since we didn't go to any parks. Downtown Disney was pretty cool, though. And, just hanging out by myself in warm weather was pretty great! And, yah, I don't think Jim would have worn those Mickey would have been tough to get me to :)

MattJulieGavin said...

you two are one of the funnest couples i know! i miss your sillyness (not sure i spelled that correctly)!!!!!

Hannah S said...

Wow! You really do love Disneyland! That Cinderella is a s... I wouldn't have appreciated that then. It's fun to reminisce though. Thanks for sharing!

Boom said...

You two are a perfect couple! It's fun to look back!

Boom said...


Thanks for the memories and the appreciation. Your review was very entertaining.


Mary Ann Carlile said...

That's so fun! I remember when the "engaged guy" moved in a few doors down. Those were the days...:)