Sunday, April 6, 2008

Fun With Grammy Char-Char

We've been having lots of fun with Grandma in town! We even had a family friend from Oregon fly in to visit with us for a day. Here are some pictures of some of the fun things we've been doing.

Grandma wanted to capture some pictures of her grand-doggy and son-in-law. However, one of these pictures doesn't quite do justice to just how handsome Jim is. . . I think that was the point though.

During one of our many shopping excursions Tralee became a sunglass model for us. She loved it! I need to send these photos to the sunglass manufacturer, they'll want to make Tralee their model for sure!

We went out for Sushi on Friday night. We took Mom and Alice, our family friend, to Fugiyama. It was delicious!! Here are some pictures of our meal. YUMMY! My mom loved it, and admitted that it's MUCH better than the stuff she buys from the grocers. We all wish we could go back for more.

Tralee had never been through a car wash. . .that is until Grandma was in town. Grandma wanted to witness Tralee's reaction. The car wash got mixed revues from Tralee. Sometimes she clapped, sometimes she cried, but mostly she just sat there with a confused and slightly alarmed look on her face.

Of course Tralee's Saturday morning bath called for more pictures to be taken by Grandma.

This is my favorite picture from Grammy Char-Char's visit. We took Mom out to see the house we're re-modeling to live in out in the country. It's across the street from an orchard, and there are chickens, roosters, and horses around. Tralee saw the horses and took off after them.

Grandma helped Tralee feed the horses grass. Tralee was having lots of fun, until her little finger got nipped on by a horse. No permanent damage was done, but Tralee's finger got a little swollen for a while. We all felt bad, but we were relieved to see Tralee pick up and play with rocks a few minutes after the incident. It just reminded us that next time Tralee feeds horse we'll have to have some nice LONG pieces of grass or hay, so her little hands are FAR AWAY from the horse's mouth. I think my mom was worried I would be furious with her for allowing Tralee to get hurt. It was an accident, and Tralee is okay, so I'm okay. We'll just have to be more careful in the future. Anyways. . . we took some cute pictures before the biting experience. You can see the culprit horse in the pictures!!!

Here's a picture we took while touring some of the houses Jim has built cabinets for. The view was pretty, so we stopped for a three generation photo opportunity. Isn't my Mother cute!

Of course after all the fun we've been having, it's good to come home, relax and take a nice snooze!

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Cynthia said...

Leslie - Last time I saw you, it was just you and Jim. Your daughter is so cute - Congratulations! (a year or so late)