Friday, April 4, 2008

Grandma's Here!

My mom flew in from Ohio late Wednesday night. We've been having fun playing with her! Tralee warmed up to Grandma pretty fast. My Mom's in the nursery at church, so she's pretty good with kids around Tralee's age. She also brought a whole bag full of books, toys, and other goodies for Tralee. Tralee loved it! She's really enjoying some of the new books.

I've been enjoying letting Mom take over my house. I have absolutely no complaints when she starts to cook and clean. Last night after she made a wonderful dinner, she was deep cleaning my stove and oven. She was even talking about moving the fridge and cleaning under it. SWEET! I told her she didn't have to do this on her vacations, but she said, "This is why I come, to give you a break!" What a wonderful thing to have Mom come and stay! She also took me grocery shopping at Winco and Costco yesterday. We stalked up on everything from fruits and veggies, to shampoo and conditioner. The best part about it was it was Mom's treat! How fun! I know I'll be sad when she leaves, I am getting so spoiled!

Jim and I are going to take Mom out Saturday night for sushi. She's never had REAL sushi. She thinks those packs you can get at the grocery store are good, she doesn't know what she's missing!! So, we're going to take her out for the good stuff! I can't wait!

I haven't taken any pictures yet, but I'm sure I will. So, watch for those.


Mary Ann Carlile said...

Oh I am so jealous! I have yet to convince my mom to come out and visit in either state that we have lived in...Have SO much fun!

Jim said...

Oh I am sooo jealous I am missing out on the Shit see


Necha said...

Oh that is so unfair! I need sushi now! You are the ones that got us hooked on it, and then we move to E-town and there isn't any here! Drat! But enjoy! Think of me the next time you eat sushi! Oh, and just so you know-when you leave me comments under Jim's thingy-I know it's you. I don't think Jim would say "Oh my goodness." or try to make cinnamon rolls! You crack me up!!