Friday, April 11, 2008

Adventures in Motherhood

I went to my Primary Presidency meeting last night at church, and had to take Tralee along because Jim had made plans with a cousin to go watch a hockey game. I asked Jim if it would be possible to take Tralee along, he said it wouldn't be. I think he COULD have taken her, but it wouldn't have been very fun for him. He would have been chasing her around instead of watching the game with his cousin.

The presidency meeting started out okay. Then after twenty minutes or so the room filled with that familiar soiled diaper aroma. So, I excused myself and went to change Tralee. I left the diaper bag at home, and only grabbed one diaper and a few wipes on my way out the door. I figured the meeting wouldn't last longer than an hour, and only one diaper would be necessary. (I've since learned. . . ALWAYS bring the diaper bag and SEVERAL diapers and wipes, or I'll be sorry!!) When I changed Tralee I was surprised to see that nothing was in the diaper. I changed her anyways, figuring it wouldn't be too much longer before the meeting would end. WRONG AGAIN!! The meeting pressed on as we were trying to find people to fill three or four callings in the Primary, and then I heard it. . . .BLAST! I knew FOR SURE this time that Tralee would need a change. The only problem was, I didn't have another diaper.

Luckily the first councilor brought her baby also, so she let me use a diaper and some wipes. I'm sure glad she did! After changing Tralee AGAIN, I thought we were in the clear, and continued to take notes during the meeting. Tralee just went back to running around the Primary room and playing with toys I brought for her.

Every once in a while Tralee would come up to me for a treat. I brought along some Gerber Graduates Corn Puff things, which she has ALL THE TIME. So, when she started coughing I didn't think much off it, until I looked over and realized Tralee was choking on one of them!! She must have tried to swallow one whole or something. I ran over to her just as she started to gag and throw up. I grabbed her and put my hand under her mouth to try and catch what was coming out of her mouth. Then I ran Tralee to the nearest bathroom where she continued to throw-up. All the while getting puke on me, herself, and the carpet. After making sure Tralee was recovered and okay, I started to clean up the mess.

I had to take Tralee out of her outfit, find the custodial closet at church, and grab whatever I thought would clean the bathroom, and carpet in the Primary room. The first counselor even helped. What a nice woman! I assured her she didn't have to clean up my child's puke, but she insisted and said she was used to it with her boys. Both of them had a sensitive gag reflex, so she said she cleaned/cleanss up throw-up all the time. Poor woman. I hope she'll be blessed, not only for helping me clean up, but for letting me use a diaper and wipes.

Keep in mind, while all the above was happening, the Primary Presidency Meeting continued! I thought for sure everyone would agree it was time to go, but I guess there was more to discuss. I was tempted to just say, "Sorry guys, my clothes are covered in throw-up, my daughter doesn't have any clothes on, and I'm emotionally exhausted, so I'm going to go." BUT. . . I pressed on. . . it is my job to keep minutes anyways. And, how much longer could the meeting last anyways? It lasted for TWO HOURS! We didn't even get through the whole agenda. CRAZY!

On the way home from the meeting I called Jim who was having a grand ol' time at the hockey game. I really tried hard to stay calm, but I must have given him a pretty good guilt trip, because when he got home he started doing the dishes. . . which he NEVER does! He felt sorry I had such a tough time at the meeting.

Tralee and I both took a bath when we got home. We got into our most comfortable pajamas, and I let her lay in bed with me until Jim got home. She fell asleep there, and I was almost asleep when Jim returned. I was woken up to the sound of him cleaning up the kitchen. I went downstairs and finished up the job, and we watched The Office together that we had recorded.

All was calm again.

This morning I went to the Y. I worked out on my own, then tried another Pilates class. I REALLY liked this Pilates class better than the other one. The instructor worked us out hard! I felt the burn baby! I'm feeling better today. I hope the day continues on bright and happy.


amy said...

lengthy church meetings tend to infuriate me. i'm sure you'll be blessed for staying, but i would have high-tailed it out of there. if i had been there, i would have told you to leave.

Richie said...

After the couple days you just had, I would have broke down crying! You are a trooper, Leslie!

Boom said...

That's right Leslie. Life is an adventure. Without these trying times, you could not appreciate the good times!

Love Mom

Necha said...

I feel for you! Isn't motherhood amazing! You get to clean up every bodily substance that can possibly come out of a child. But luckily all of us mothers totally understand and empathise with you!!