Monday, April 7, 2008

New Couch

On one of our shopping excursions Grandma bought Tralee a cute princess couch. It's been a big hit. Tralee loves to climb, sit, and lay in the couch. She's currently folding and unfolding it. When it's unfolded she'll lay down and take a nap in it. I'm glad Grandma was generous enough to buy this little couch for Tralee. I can already tell it will get a lot of use! Thank you Grammy Char-Char!


Mary Ann Carlile said...

Tori has one of those, and that is the thing that gets the most use. A great purchase by your mom!

amy said...

our couch, after years of use, is being used as i type while they watch a movie. it's endured much and was WELL worth its cost.