Tuesday, April 15, 2008


I'm so happy! I'm out of the fog I was in. I think it's because I'm healthy again, and I'm finally over the fact that my mom left. Her stay was short-lived, but WONDERFUL!I might have been a little depressed when she had to go home again. I really enjoyed spending time with her, and appreciated all she did/does for us.

Today is a good day! I woke up and put dinner in the crock-pot. I fed all of us breakfast and played with Tralee. Then I made Tralee home-made mac-and-cheese with added carrot puree for lunch. I also added some frozen peas, because she likes them. After cleaning up lunch, I made chocolate-chip pumpkin bread and muffins. I packed up some muffins to take to Tricia and Jeff's -- using the Tupperware Tricia sent home food to us in. Usually after Sunday dinner at Tricia's house, she'll send leftovers home with us. I usually forget to bring them back, so I thought it would be much nicer to return them with yummy muffins in them. Anyways, I was getting ready to pack Tralee and the muffins up and go deliver them when the doorbell rang.

Tricia was at the door!! "Perfect!" I thought, "That will save me a trip!" When I opened the door she handed me some sewing bobbins. I wondered why, since I don't have a sewing machine. I knew Jim mentioned to her last night on the phone that I want to learn to sew (I have NO experience sewing WHATSOEVER, and thought it would be something fun and practical to learn to do. Jim called her and left a message that said I wanted to learn, and could she help me.) I confusingly thanked Tricia for the bobbins and she said, "Wait! I have one more thing for you." Then she went back to the car and came back with a BRAND NEW SEWING MACHINE!!! YAY!!! I was so excited!! Tricia said it could be an early birthday present. She also said that it's just a basic one, which is all I wanted/needed. Tricia said once I get to the more advanced level, I can always use the one she has at home. . . it's HIGH TECH! It does embroidery and you can program designs into it, super cool! Anyways, I have a SEWING MACHINE!!! So fun! I hope I can learn to use it for fun projects. Plus, Jim always complains that I can't even sew a button back on. I really can't! I'm completely clueless! I hope this machine comes with a good manual. I'm going over to Tricia's on Friday for my first lesson! I can't wait. Hopefully within the coming months you will see projects I have created with my new toy!! :) I'm very grateful my mother-in-law did this thoughtful thing for me.

Tralee's been a busy girl today. Her new favorite thing is climbing the first batchof stairs, and then yelling out once she's on the landing. One of us will go over to her, and she'll walk off the landing into our arms. She loves to do this. I'll be busy doing something when I hear Tralee go "AHHHHHHH!!!!" Without looking, I'll know just where she is, and what she wants. As soon as Tralee knows she has my attention she gets a big grin on her face. I'll walk to the bottom of the stairs, hold my hands out, and Tralee walks right into them. Then she usually gets tossed in the air, caught, and given about a million kisses -- all while squealing with delight. It's pretty cute!

Today she crawled passed the landing, and all the way up the stairs. Sometimes she'll do this and just go into her room and play with something. Usually she gets bored being all alone, so she'll either come downstairs again, or yell for me to come get her. Today I heard her going upstairs, and then I heard silence. Mothers know, silence is NEVER a good thing, that is of course, unless the kid is sleeping. It quickly occurred to me that we moved Corky's food and water bowl to the top part of our stairs.I ran upstairs to see Corky's food dish overturned, and Tralee just as pleased at punch to be munching away on dog food! YUCK!! I fished the food remnants out of Tralee's mouth, and explained to her that we don't eat doggy's food, and if she's hungry, just let me know. I think she KNOWS all of this already. It's just that I really do think she LIKES Corky's food, and KNOWS I won't let her eat it. So, she tried to be sneaky!!! The other day while I was putting laundry away, Tralee took her rubber ducky from the bath tub, and played with it in Corky's water dish. What a silly girl!
We've been starting time-outs when Tralee doesn't listen to us, and giving her LOTS of positive reinforcement for when she does. Hopefully the next time I ask her to leave Corky's food and water alone she'll listen!!

For the first time today Tralee brought me a diaper when I asked! I always ask her to bring me one when it's time for a change, and today she actually did it! HOORAY!! I can't believe she's getting so big and so smart!!

Well. . . there's more I could say, but I think I'll call it quits for this post.

I hope everyone is doing well. I'm glad to be happy again! :)


Boom said...

What a beautiful post! I'm so excited you are interested in learning to sew. I used to know how. I had a nice machine that did all that stuff too. I think I gave it to someone. Remind me to teach you how to sew on a button. I know how to do that!

Jim said...

I hope you guys are planning to spend a week with us in July. I already checked and unfortunately the Indians are not in town the week of July 4th, but the golf course is open.

Nana really wants to see you guys, so flying in and out of Milwaukee would be ideal.

Jim, we could teach Tralee how to pick her nose that week.


Jim said...

You should learn how to sew Jim's fly shut.

Mom would have done that to me if she would have thought of it.


Leslie said...

Leslie this is your husband. I'm glad you had a good day, you deserve a nice present. Let me know what you want and I will get it for you. Because goll darnit you deserve it and people love you. Love Jim

P.S. please keep the present under $1000.

Hannah S said...

Wow! What nice family! Is your birthday coming up or something? I wish Tyler read blogs and would take notes....I've wanted a sewing machine for years and Troy gave one to Jana for Christmas! But, like you, my mother-in-law has helped me on many sewing projects. It's great! So, Yay for new sewing machines!

Jim said...

There is a nice Singer sewing machine on Amazon for only $999.99

Tralee is getting cuter every day.