Thursday, April 10, 2008

Just One of Those Days

Yesterday was "horrible no good very bad day." (name that book. . . I dare ya!)

I just wasn't feeling it. I woke up and my house was slightly messy. I didn't feel like cleaning, but managed to feed Tralee, eat breakfast, clean the kitchen, and start picking up the living room. However, as I was putting one toy or book away, Tralee was taking another one out. So I gave up on that task.

Jim came home for lunch, and I attempted to make a grilled cheese and chicken salad sandwich. How can you screw up a grilled cheese? I managed to TOTALLY burn both sides of the sandwich. It was charcoal, but I didn't have any more chicken salad, so Jim had to eat it. I tried to saw off most of the blackened bread, but there was just too much, so Jim ate the black stuff. Poor guy! I blame using a pan I wasn't used to. I usually use my favorite pan for EVERY meal. However, when my Mom was here she said I should use my newer nicer one, because my old one looked like it's seen better days. So. . . I used to newer one, and BURNED everything. I think I'm going to stick to my old pan, besides there are probably lots of yummy flavors in it from all the meals that have been prepared in there.


After lunch Tralee needed a change. It wasn't just any run of the mill change either. It was one of those diaper changes that you push your shirt sleeves up, hold your breath, and pray that it's over soon. I didn't realize before I started that some of Tralee's diaper "deposit" leaked out of the diaper, and into her pants. So. . . when I took off the pants I had a surprise leak out onto the couch. Then in the middle of the change Tralee decided it was the perfect time to get up, and as she did her foot landed on the dirty diaper. The diaper was closed, but so full that even more you-know-what fell out. I had already made up my mind that after the change I would need to get a bucket of soapy water and some disinfectant out, so the extra mess didn't faze me all that much. But BOY it WAS a MESS!!! After I disinfected my furniture, I put Tralee in a tub full of soapy bubbles. She needed it!!

I would have LOVED to put Tralee's soiled clothes in the washing machine, but it's been in out of commission since Saturday! I've called our landlord three or four times about it, and explained, "I have a one year old and I NEED a functioning washing machine!" They told me the repair person should call and make an appointment. I explained that if that happened, I wouldn't be calling AGAIN. Anyways, the landlord finally called me and explained that the repair man HAD tried to call, and had left several messages, but I should probably try to call back. Uh. . . I didn't get ANY messages! If I had, don't you think I would have called? Anyways, I called the repair person, and set up an appointment. If all goes according to plan my washer should be fixed this afternoon. YAY!! I have TONS of laundry to do!!!

Now, you think since I burned lunch I would have learned from my mistakes and had been able to cook a great dinner! Well, you would be wrong! I burned dinner too! I was just NOT on my A game yesterday! Usually I'm a pretty decent cook, but it just wasn't my day yesterday. I tried to make the Chicken Nugget recipe from the Deceptively Delicious cookbook. However, the breaded part of the chicken kept falling off as I was turning the chicken in the pan. The whole meal process made a HUGE mess in my kitchen, and in the end I didn't have anything to show for it, except for some burned chicken. The stir fry veggies turned out okay.

When Jim walked in from work, he saw a frazzled wife, messy house, and smelled burnt chicken. Jim was really sweet about the dinner. He teased me for a bit about burning two meals in one day, but said if I hadn't told him the chicken was burnt, he wouldn't have noticed. Then he reminded me that I have the funnest job in the world -- taking care of our daughter. I have to agree with Jim. I get to stay at home and play, read, sing, and teach my amazingly cute one-year-old everyday. We go shopping together, do fun activities together, get together with other moms and kids, and just get to enjoy one another's company. So, I guess I shouldn't let having a messy house or burning meals get me so frazzled. I still need to work on counting my blessings!

Even so. . . I hope today goes better than yesterday. :)


Jim said...

When she gets older you can teacher her how to leave her soiled underwear in dresser drawers of neighbors planters. I'm sure she would be a natural. You see it's in the genes.


Hannah S said...

OH, your dad is mean. lol.
Yes, I hate those days...and lately it seems to be more frequent. Like today...I finally put the laundry away, neatly folded and organized and then come the kids, they pull every single towel and wash cloth out...what's the point? I ask myself. But I hope it gets better....when we can put them to work! Slaves!
But I totally empathize with you! It's such a learning time too, with the first. Hang in there :)

Boom said...

It's a test and I know you can pass it because you are an amazingly wonderful woman, mother, wife, daughter and friend! Keep up the good work!