Sunday, September 25, 2011

Saturday Plans

Last Saturday I had it in my head that that would be the day I would FINALLY clean the house from top to bottom.  Piney fresh and lemony scents would fill my house as I scrubbed, polished, and dusted the dirt away.  I figured Jim could take the kids out, and I could get caught up with my housework.

  Jim had a different vision for our Saturday.  He had it in HIS head that it would be the perfect day to go play on his Uncle's property together as a family.  We would invite the dirt under our fingernails while searching for snakes and frogs, get sand in every empty crevice on ourselves while building castles, and actually smell a piney fresh that can't be bottled while playing in the tree house.

So. . . what do you think happened?

I decided that my house can survive a little (or a lot) of neglect.  My family can't.

So last Saturday, we spent the WHOLE DAY playing together.  And you know what?  I didn't even mind coming home to a messy house.  In fact, some of my house is still in a state of neglect, but my kids are happy.  They're still talking about our Saturday adventure.

I mean, would you rather spend a day cleaning inside, or a day playing here:

Corky even came!

Checking out all the fishies and froggies

Close up of our catch. . . they were all set free before we left.

What would have happened if my princess kissed this frog?  He looks kinda like he was hoping for a little something something.

The tree house Jim has been helping build.

Inside the tree house

Another tree house shot

Hunty controlling the Snort.  He looks like he knows what he's doing, doesn't he?

Look at his tiny little self up there acting like a big boy!

Tralee and Jim's turn at the driver's seat

Hunty wanted to be lifted into the trees just like the baby bird in Are You My Mother.  Don't worry, this Snort knew Hunty's mommy was on the ground, so on the ground Hunty stayed!  :)

She sounded just how this picture looks.  She was screaming for someone to help her down.  Once she asked nicely,  I was all over it.

Snort and tree house
We stopped for milkshakes on the way home.  Tralee REALLY liked hers.

No really, she snarfed her Mountain Berry shake down in no time at all!

All in all, we had a perfect day together.  I can't wait to neglect my house some more!


JoAnn said...

looks like a great day, where is this at?

Debi said...

I think you made the right decision. Clean houses are good but making memories with mom and dad are so much better.

Mary Ann Carlile said...

What an awesome day! Love the pics.

Boom said...

I wonder if you would be different if your mother had been more like you? I think I play some part in your choosing memories over a clean house. We have Disney together. I did that right!

Love Mom