Sunday, September 11, 2011

Flying to Cleveland

We arrived home from Salt Lake on August 22nd.  I did a little laundry, mowed the lawn (because the lawn mowing company that should have been coming while we were away NEVER showed. . . our grass was VERY overgrown!), and packed us back up again so we could fly to Cleveland, OH on August 23rd.  We lucked out as far as airplane population went.  We practically had the whole plane to ourselves.  Jim took a row, I took a row, and the kids went back-and-forth.  It was pretty nice.  My munchkins have been on airplanes quite a bit in their short little lives, so they were very well behaved, and before we knew it, we touched down in Cleveland, Ohio.
Jim traveled to Detroit and Maryland for work the first part of our visit, while the kiddies and I just played.  Good times.  

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