Saturday, September 10, 2011

Temple Square

I took the kids to Temple Square in SLC one of the Sundays we were in Utah.  We wandered around, took some pictures, and talked to some nice missionaries from all over the world.  The weather was above 90, so we didn't stay too terribly long.  The heat made both of my munchkins pretty sluggish, and both of them wanted to be carried instead of walk on their own.  I had the diaper bag and camera slung over my shoulder, and no stroller, so carrying either child was not an option.  Tralee and Hunter were not thrilled about this.  It didn't help that I planned our little outing right before dinner, so to add to the sluggishness of my babes, they were also complaining about hunger.  Not my best planning moment.  The good news is, we did make it through the North and South Visitors Centers (which were nice and cool -- Thanks goodness!), and Tralee was able to see where Mommy and Daddy were married.  This was both of my kids' first trip to Temple Square.  I showed my munchkins some beautiful art work, taught them some of our Church history, and tired them right out.  Not a bad Sunday.  I mean, besides the empty tummies, tired little bodies, and unreasonable heat, we had a nice little outing. 
This is one of those shots where I said, "Okay, turn around and let me get your picture!"  Tralee cooperated, Hunter wasn't feeling it.
I kinda like this one.
I think we spent more time at the bubbler (for those of you not familiar with Milwaukee vernacular, a bubbler is another word for drinking fountain) than we did anyplace else. . . except for maybe the fountain pictured below.

Playing by the fountain 
This was towards the end of our short visit.  Tralee DID NOT want to move.  It was nice, cool, and comfy inside the Visitors Center.  I let her rest here for a bit before we went on our way.
I thought this was cool, they have a little model of the temple that shows you what the inside looks like.
Where Jim and I were married and sealed forever. . . yup, he's stuck with me.
Hunter. . . doesn't he looked siked to be there?
Tralee, equally siked.

At the end of the day, we picked Jim up from work, took the kids to a fun restaurant, where they ate a nice hearty meal, and fell promptly asleep once back at the hotel.  Hooray! 

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Boom said...

I'm sorry they did not feel better about being there and the weather was so uncooperative. Pictures are great though! Love your camera.

And you!