Sunday, September 18, 2011


Here are some pictures of our day spent by Lake Erie.  We may or may not have seen an ACTUAL mermaid while we were there.  Take a look:
Eternity. . . by Calvin Klein (said whisperishly -- if that's a word)  Hunter started rolling around in the sand by the waves.  I thought he was trying out for the next Calvin Klein ad campaign.

Tralee's not bad at splashing around in the water either.

Jim took Tralee far out in the vast unknown of Lake Erie.  They worked on swimming.  Tralee has a mean doggy paddle, but needs to graduate to a more prestigious swim stroke--side stroke, breast stroke, back stroke, anything other than what she's doing now:  doggy-paddle-doggy-paddle-doggy-paddle-go-under-sink-sink-sink.  We're working on it.  Hopefully by next summer she'll have a mean butterfly stoke happening.

 You are now entering into mermaid territory.  Keep reading and you'll see the most beautiful sandy mermaid you'll ever lay your eyes on!

I even took a video of her to boot:

I think (fingers crossed) I'm almost done posting our Ohio adventures.  Next up is Wisconsin.  After that we're smooth sailing right into the present.

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Life Go's On! said...

little younge for those isn't she? Wow there getting older fast these days.