Tuesday, September 6, 2011


On Wednesday I packed up the kids and took a trip to Wyoming to visit some old friends, and Jim's sister Joni A.K.A Bones.  We mostly hung out, caught up, let the kid-os play, and ate yummy meals prepared by Necha.  Thanks for feeding us and letting us play Necha!!

This was the best picture I could get of Tralee, Tessa, and Maggie.  They were too busy watching Dora and eating popcorn to look up and smile.
The kids started playing dress-up right when we got there.  Hunter put these wings on and I don't think he took them off the whole day we were there.  Cute little bug.

Auntie Bones and Tralee

Joni was figuring out what a great kisser Hunty is.

Necha has two toy poodles.  This is the youngest one, and Tralee couldn't get enough.

We had a great time in Wyoming, and hope to visit our friends and family again real soon!

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Joni said...

Hunter is a great kisser! it was so fun to see you guys.