Sunday, September 18, 2011

Just Some More Pics from Ohio

Stinky Tralinky
Kisses from Grandma

My dad and Jim golfing

I was going through some old things and came across this picture of my feet when I was in K5.  I told Tralee to stand on it to compare our feet.  Awe!

This is a picture Tralee drew for her Daddy.  In case it's not completely obvious to you, the picture is of Jim holding a BIG BIG plate of spaghetti.

Hunter sitting in a crib I used for my baby dolls when I was little.  Now my REAL baby doll is sitting in it.  Let's get another "AWE!" going on up in here.

Can you tell I'm getting bored with all the catch-up posts?  I'm writing less and less, and just shoving a bunch of pictures in your face.  At least the subjects in the pictures are cute.

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