Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Payette River Night

A few Sundays ago we drove up to a beach near Banks, Idaho and played in the Payette River with the other Jacobs family.  It was a SUPER fun night!

All the Jacobs kids doing their own thing

Hunter wasn't too thrilled about being in the water.  I don't blame him.  It was cold.

I like this picture of Audie in her pregnant glow!

Isn't she pretty?  I marvel all the time at that beautiful little face.

We found a few fuzzy caterpillars while we were up there.  I can't say that they both survived the wrath care of four small children.

Oaks and her caterpillar

Can you hear the Baywatch theme song as you look at this?  I sure can.  Watch out The Hoff, you've got some competition.

Cute swimsuits.  Cute girls too.

Everyone doing their own thing

While I was walking along the beach with Hunter I saw some object swimming toward me in the water.  It was bat!  Crazy!  It was having a hard time taking off from the sand so, after taking some pictures, Jim found a cup, let Batty crawl in, and then Jim flung it in the air so the bat could fly off.  Batty flew to the nearest tree, and I told my husband I wasn't aware he was a bat whisperer.  

 Thanks for the fun times other Jacobs family. . . and bat and caterpillars too!

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