Thursday, September 8, 2011

Alpine Slides

The whole time we were in Sandy, Utah we told Tralee we would take her to the Alpine Slides in Park City on Saturday night.  Saturday was the chosen day, since Jim got off work earlier.  All week long the weather was sunny, hot, and not a raindrop to be seen.  Saturday came around and a big thunderstorm blew in.  I was worried that it wouldn't pass soon enough, and the slides would be closed.  I told Tralee that maybe we should say a prayer and see if that would help the Alpine Slides to be open.  Tralee said a sweet little prayer, and afterwards she said, "Don't worry Mom.  I said a prayer, Heavenly Father will answer it."  Sweet girl. 

The rain stopped when we got to Park City, but there was still some iffy looking clouds in the distance.  I was holding my breath when Jim and Tralee went to check at the ticket counter.  They informed us to check back in about an hour, and if there was no lightening seen, they would open the slides back up.  I kept my breath held for Tralee's sake, while she kept informing me that her prayer would work.  Oh to have the simple faith of a four-year-old!  We killed time by picking out some treats at a candy shop, window shopping, and watching the kids run around.  Exactly an hour later, we checked in at the ticket gate and. . . THE SLIDES WERE OPEN!  Hooray!  Tralee's sweet little prayer was answered, and good thing it was, because we had SO MUCH FUN!
The sky after the storm
Tralee killing some time, playing on the steps
Hunter is such a boy.  He had to find the most dangerous thing he could do while waiting.  He climbed all the way to the top of the stairs doing this.  When he got higher than this, I spotted him, but he kept trying to push me away saying, "I do it by myself!"
Tralee waiting to get on the chairlift at the bottom of the slides.
About to get on the chairlift.
I love Tralee's face in this picture.  She thought the whole experience was SO COOL!
Going up.  Please excuse Hunty's snotty nose.
Our family's feet.
The slides we were about to go down.
Another cute Tralee shot

Here's a video of us riding up the chairlift:

Daddy carrying our wheeled sleds to the slides
Waiting to go down!  Tralee and Jim went on the fast side.  Hunter and I went on the slow side.
Hunter and me waiting our turn

When Hunter and I made it to the end of the slide we were greeted by Tralee and Jim doing the "Ha Ha Dance."  Then Jim asked, "Hey, what took you guys so long?"  I thought Hunter and I did pretty well going down our slide.  I guess we were slow pokes compared to Jim and Tralee.  They must have hauled serious butt!  Anyways, as we were walking back to the car I had Jim and Tralee do the "Ha Ha Dance" again for me to get on video.  I guess all my hours explaining proper game etiquette to Tralee (you know, about how NOT to be a sore winner or loser) was thrown out the window this night!  To be honest, I thought the "Ha Ha Dance" was pretty funny!  So here it is:

And lastly, here is a picture of my cute kids and me.  I'm SO glad Tralee's prayer was answered!


Mallory said...

I just love your cute fam. Glad you got some fun family time in. Looks like a solid good time. :)

Boom said...

I love when I'm way behind and have lots of pictures and reading to catch up on. Great posts!