Monday, September 5, 2011

And. . . .We're Back!

We're home again.  We should be for a while now.  It was nice to be away for about a month, but it's equally nice to be home.  Sleeping in my own bed last night was heavenly, even if both children insisted on sleeping with us.  We got home a little after midnight, parked the luggage right by the front door, and everyone crashed on our bed.  Jim and I were too tired from carrying two sleeping kids through two different airports, situating said kids on two airplanes while also dealing with two heavy carry-ons a piece, and both not really getting any rest on either flight because the kids were sprawled out all over us to care whether or not they slept in their own beds last night.  The important things is everyone made it home in one piece.  One tired slightly jet lagged piece.

Now that we've all had a bit of rest, it's time to start documenting our comings and goings over the last few weeks. 

Firstly, here are a few pics of my kids all spiffed up for my cousin Jackie's wedding.  My mom flew out for it, and as luck would have it, Jim was working in the Salt Lake area at the same time.  We just tagged along with him, and while Jim worked my mom, my kids, and I partied it up with my relatives.

Hunter looking all dashing in his bow-tie.
Tralee was tired and grumpy, can you tell?
I finally got them to smile together. . . sort of.
Well don't we look cute?
Grammy Char Char and her grandbabies
Post numeral uno done!  Just a few (dozen?) more to go!

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