Friday, August 19, 2011

Who Do You Think You Are?

Tralee loves Christina Perri's song Jar of Hearts.  She asks us to play it all the time.  When she's asked us to repeat it a few times, she'll usually say, "I fink (think) Hunty wants to hear it now."  So then we'll play the song again for "Hunter."  While the kids and I were waiting for Jim to get done with work last night, I captured this video of Tralee singing the chorus.  I tried to do it with her not knowing.  Also, the image quality isn't the best cause it was at night, and the vid was taken with my phone, but you can sure hear Tralee belting out the lyrics.  What do you think, do we have a future superstar on our hands?



Boom said...

Love that girl!


Cammi said...

She is so funny and definitely a future superstar! I know it!