Monday, August 8, 2011


Tralee had to give the scripture in Primary yesterday.  We worked on it all week, and by Sunday she had it memorized perfectly.  When her time came to give the scripture, she got up to the podium and. . . nothing.  She froze.  Jim got up to help her (I had a child from my class on my lap), but he later told me Tralee had it down so well prior to this, that he didn't bother to memorize it himself and he left his own scriptures on his seat.  So, then there were two frozen people looking out into the sea of tiny Primary faces.  Jim looked at me and asked, "how does it go?"  I mouthed to him the beginning, and then pointed out on the wall where the scripture was posted.  Eventually Jim and Tralee got through, but it sure didn't go smoothly.  Right after church we asked Tralee to say the scripture again, and she nailed it.  I guess the pressure got to her this time, I mean, she's only four!  Plus, it was really noisy in the Primary room; too many distractions don't lend well to recitation.  The good news is, Tralee looked perfectly darling up there, and we're proud she powered through, even though she looked like she wanted to be anywhere but up on the stand.  Sweet little girl.


Boom said...

Awww, I'm sorry she froze. Maybe she will get another chance soon. And hopefully it won't be a whole long missive like it was this time.

Love Grandma Charlene

Necha said...

So cute. The first time Tessa gave a talk she got up there and hid behind the podium for half the talk while I gave it, and then she poked her head up and said the second half. Then when she was done she SCREAMED...."I DID IT!" It was pretty funny. Kids are the best! :)