Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Countdown Has Started!

Now that it's October, the official Halloween countdown has begun!  To get in the right mood, check out these little lovelies; pictures of my monsters (not copying you Lady Gaga, you can have your little monsters, but the ones pictured below are MINE!)

I just LOVE Halloween!  I love October (my birthday comes along mid-month).  I love the fall.  I LOVE this time of year!!

Guess what else makes THIS particular October all the more awesome?

Answer:  Jim and I are doing this.  If you want to see us dance the entire Thriller dance (we're having a competition to see who can learn it the fastest) with a number of other Zombies, come watch us on October 29th, downtown Boise at 8pm.  Or better yet, if you want to learn the Thriller dance and come dance it with us, all the info is on the website I linked above.  It's going to be SO COOL!  Say what you will about MJ, but he was a genius in the dance department!  Learning the Thriller dance is almost as much fun as watching the late King of Pop do it himself!

Well. . . that's all!  Have a thrilling October everyone!

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Boom said...


You are a scary group of gouls!

Happy Halloween!

I love Monsters!