Sunday, October 23, 2011

Someone Super Cool!

My big brother's birthday was yesterday.  Judging from the picture below, you can see how awesome he is!  I mean, he was pretty amazing back in the day (see picture), so you can imagine what he's like now.

Yeah, if your jealous of me for having such a cool big brother, you should be.  Cause he's really great.  I mean, he would force ask me to do karate matches with him when we were growing up.  Because of Jimmy, I've got some mad kung fu skills.  Seriously, don't mess.  My big brother would also set up our toy closet, and play store with me for hours.  Not only that, but he would sometimes let my Barbies play with his G.I. Joes when we were playing war.  My Barbies always died off pretty quick, but still, the fact is, they were there during our epic battles.

In all seriousness, I really do love my brother Jimmy (I think I'm one of the last people to still call him that.  I think he mostly goes by Jim, but he's cool, so he lets me call him whatever I want).  He tortured me a bit growing up, but I think I bugged him enough to make it even.  Even through all the bugging, teasing, and torturing, there was love.  I have some special memories of moments with Jimmy giving me advice, bear hugs, and hanging out.  Now we're all grown up and live thousands of miles apart.  I don't get to see my big brother that much, but when I do, I get to see what an awesome husband, father, and man he's become.  Not only is he still a great person, but when he's play-fighting with his son, you can see that he can still kung fu like nobody's business!

Happy Birthday Jimmy!

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