Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Pumpkin Night

We had the other Jacobs family over last night, and Jim announced that he wanted to carve pumpkins together, so off he went to buy a few orange orbs.  When he came back he let each kid pick a face for their pumpkin, then they all got their hands dirty cleaning and carving.  I made roasted pumpkin seeds (yum!) while Jim lit the pumpkins, turned off the lights, and chased the kids around with the lit pumpkin heads (I think I've mentioned in previous pumpkin-y posts that the pumpkin-head-chasing-thing is a tradition Jim's dad started when Jim was growing up -- so it continues in our house).  All the kids ran around hiding while the glowing pumpkin heads chased after them.  After a while, as all good nights do, it came to an end.  Our little evening with friends must have tired my kids out, because they fell fast asleep shortly after our company left.  We had a fun night with friends.  

Now. . . pictures!  

Cleaning out the guts.  Also, I like Jovie's face in this picture.  In fact, her face in a lot of the pictures to follow is awesome!

Jim kept pretending to eat the pumpkin guts, so then all the kids thought they should try to eat the guts too.  I don't think they were all that impressed with the flavor.

Check out Jovie's face again!

Cute little Oaks.

Oakley tasted the pumpkin, and after a minute decided that it wasn't as good as Jim made it out to be.

Tralee and Jovie worked as a team cleaning out the big pumpkin.

Jim took off Hunter's shirt because he thought he would get really dirty with all the pumpkin guts.  I don't think Hunter even touched a pumpkin the whole night.  He watched the action go down though.

He's kinda cute, huh?

Another classic Jovie face.  Jim was showing the girls different ways they could carve their pumpkins.  Also, I gave Tralee an 80's hair-do because her hair kept getting in her eyes, and the closest thing I could find to put it up was one of my hair-things that's a little too big for her fine hair.  This was the best hair-do I could come up with in a moment.  She rocked it though!

Jim was smart and used his big-boy-tools to carve the pumpkins.  It went a lot faster than using knives.

Tralee with her pumpkin

Jovie and her pumpkin

Oakley and her pumpkin

Here they are all lit up

Jovie posing by her pumpkin

I like this picture

The lights went off, and the pumpkin chasing was about to begin!!

Here's Jim chasing around the girls, Hunter wanted no part in the pumpkin chasing.

The girls after they were captured

Tralee got to hold baby Anson, the newest member of the (other) Jacobs family. 
This was Jim's little project.  This was Hunter's pumpkin, but Jim wanted to do a little more intricate job with it, so he worked on it after everyone left.  Can you tell who the pumpkin is supposed to be?  I'll give you a clue. . . "Hey you guys!"  Did you guess it yet?
I was cleaning up pumpkin guts when I heard Jim say, "Hey Leslie, come check this out."  Hunter fell asleep on Tralee, and she was busy patting and tickling his back.  So cute!

Tralee took one final yawn, then I picked Hunter up, got him in some jammies, and put his little self to bed.  On my way back down the stairs I met Tralee who was falling asleep on her way up.  She was laying down on the middle of the stairs, so, I scooped her up, got her ready for bed, and tucked her in.

We were all tired from our night of Halloween fun.

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