Monday, October 31, 2011

Thrill the World!!!!!!

We did it!  On Saturday, October 29th, 2011 Jim and I Thrilled the World with about 160-something other zombies in front of Boise's City Hall.  It was SOOOOO fun!  I decided towards the end of September that I wanted to do this, so to actually follow through with something (I'm pretty good at starting things and not completing them) felt pretty darn great!  I was surprised when Jim got on board because he hates to dance!  He later told me he thought I wouldn't follow through, so why not sign up for something that probably wouldn't happen.  Haha to him! 

Jim and I spent the month of October learning the dance from the Thrill the World tutorials on youtube, and by going to the free dance classes downtown Boise.  When Saturday night came around, we were ready!  Saturday was busy, so I didn't really have time to think about performing too much.  I made our zombie costumes, took Tralee to The Wizard of Oz, ran some errands, and by the time I got home, it was time to zombie-up and leave.

We dropped the littles off at Jim's Aunt's, and Jim's Uncle Roman, cousin Mason, and Mason's friends volunteered to come downtown, watch us perform, and video the dance.  That was very nice of them!  Also, Mason and his friends said they want to learn the dance and perform it next year.  They didn't even know what the Thriller dance was before this.  I'm thrilled (teehee) Jim and I introduced it to the next generation.

Anyways, here are some pics from our experience and the video Roman took for us.  
Watch out or I'll eat your brains!
I guess this zombie needed to get her drink on.  Kidding.  Jim was taking pictures, I saw an empty bottle sitting on the ledge in the parking complex, and this is what happened.

Well, isn't he cute?

I like this picture of my hunchback-zombie-hunky-hubby

Outside City Hall waiting to perform

Just trying to zombify my hair.
The undead who were performing went inside City Hall for a few minutes to practice and get the rundown.

I stole a few picture from the Idaho Statesmen:

This zombie and her friend stayed in character throughout the night.  They were really fun.
Cool picture.
Everyone dancing
 Now for the video.  Roman got as close to us as he could (the place was packed!), the only thing is, as close to us as he could get was behind us.  The video turned about pretty great though, thanks again Roman!  Also, thanks Michelle for watching the wee ones for us!  Here's the vid:

When we walked away from the performance that night Jim said, "You're probably going to want to do this every year, huh?"  I wasn't sure until we got home and Tralee saw the video.  She said, "Hey!  Next time you have to take me to that dance party!"  So. . . I think next year Tralee will probably be old enough to performs it (she knows half of the dance already from watching Jim and me practice, and she came to a few of the dance classes with us), so it looks like we'll be there with an extra Zombie next year!  I can't wait!


Jackie Rogers said...

Leslie! This was awesome! Your costumes and make up are amazing! You and Jim did such a great job dancing! I'm so proud! I love it!

The Kelly Variety said...

Impressive! Can you really say, "I loved it" when referring to Zombies? Well, I did!

Necha said...

I saw this on FB. SO AWESOME! I said "Josh why don't we ever do anything fun like that?" and he didn't say much. lol. Oh well. You guys are so fun!

Jim said...

This is great you guys.

Mom and I loved it.


Debi said...

So fun! I'm so glad you guys kept going and did something so fun together! Really neat if you can make it a family affair next year! Great job!!

Anonymous said...

Fun!!! You guys look great!