Thursday, October 27, 2011

1980's Racing Night

Yesterday while Tralee was at a friend's house, Hunter and I were building with blocks.  We made a road for our cars, and were having a lot of fun driving our cars around on the block road.  After a while I remembered that last year Jim picked up an old 80's racing set at a thrift store for $6, and we hadn't played with it in a while.  So, away went our block road and out came our totally narly TYCO Lamborghini Championship race set.  Hunter and I started putting it together, but after a few minutes of figuring out the best way to build the track I thought to myself, "Ug!  Gag me with a spoon!"  I continued my train of thought with, "Self, didn't Jim say he had one of these rad car racing sets -- although not as fancy -- when he was little?  Yes.  Yes he did.  I bet he would be able to put together a wicked cool road in no time.  Let's wait for Jim to come home with Tralee and have him help put our track together."  Not a few minutes went by when, who should walk through the door?  JIM!!!  He picked Tralee up from her playdate, and after eating some dinner, our family went back upstairs and put together a totally tubular race track.  We spent a good portion of the evening racing cars, and saying stuff like, "don't have a cow man" when one zoomed off the track.  Jim and I eventually got kicked off of the track, because the kid-os wanted to take over.  The race track kept the munchkins occupied for a good portion of the night.  It was radical!

Our super fancy race track!  

Hunty watchin the cars zoom by

The yellow Lamborghini going to fast you can hardly see it!

Everyone watching the red car zoom up the ramp!  Do you see the blur of red!  So excited!  Hey Nascar fans, your Indie 500 whatevers don't hold a flame to our track!

Tralee found some stickers and decided to decorate her red car (of course).  While we were taking a break, Jim and Hunter were snuggling.

The newly decorated car, back on the track

I think Tralee had the most fun racing cars.  Hunter's interest in the whole operation came and went.

See what I mean?  One minute he'd be into the race track, and the next minute he'd come up to me and said, "Look at my egg hat!"

Our 80's racing night was like, totally bomdigity!


Debi said...

Wow! Daddy Jim really can build a cool race track. What fun. We use to put one up every Christmas under the piano. Grampa Callister was pretty good at it too.

Boom said...

Super Cool! Great family night!

Love Mom