Thursday, October 6, 2011

Together as Friends

Tralee takes dance classes every Wednesday with her cousin (I think it's second cousin if you want to get technical) Brinley.  Sometimes after dance Tralee goes to Brinley's for a playdate, and sometimes Brin plays over here.  These two little munchkins are so cute.  They get so excited each time they see each other at dance class.  They're usually hugging each other, or else talking about hugging each other.  When it's not Wednesday, Tralee's usually talking about Brinley.  The conversation usually goes like this:

Tralee:  Mom, is it dance class today?
Me:  Nope, not until Wednesday.
Tralee:  Well, when am I gonna see Brinley again?
Me:  On Wednesday at dance.
Tralee:  Can't we go see her now?  I REALLY REALLY want to play at her house TODAY!
Me:  We're not playing there today.  You'll see her in a few days.

Then Tralee usually complains that it's been FOREVER since she's seen Brinley, and how unfair it is that she can't go play with her whenever her little heart desires.  I don't blame her.  These two little pretties DO have a lot of fun together!
Plus, look at how cute they are in their matching dance outfits.