Monday, October 3, 2011

It's Halloween It's Halloween. . .

 . . .cute festive decor in my house can be seen!  Hooray!

Below are a few projects I've done either this year or last year to add a bit of Halloween flare to our house.
It took me about a billion years to roll each of these roses!  Good thing I love the outcome!  If you want a closer look, just come knock on my front door!

Here's our entertainment center with all the festive decor.
Close up of the garland.  I made the leaf garland with a few bunches of leaves I got at the dollar store.  I took them apart with my wire cutters,  then wound them back together to create a garland.  Total cost:  $3!  I made the "Happy Halloween" banner using various black and white papers.  Super cute, I think!  I'm also thinking of cutting out a mask to put (temporarily) on my kids' faces in the pictures above.

I think these two little pretties are my favorites!  The Bride of Frankenstein and the Frankster himself.  I cut them with my Silhouette, glued them onto some orange paper, then put them in some dollar store frames.  The little figurine was from the dollar store last year, and the old books are courtesy of my many trips to various thrift stores.

I love my little witch frame.  I bought a cool oval frame from the thrift store, spray painted it black, and then cut out the witch and letters with my good ol' Silhouette.  The pumpkin was a Craft Warehouse purchase.  I just decoupaged some cute paper onto it.  The old books are from a thrift store, and the vampire is a dollar store find!

I found the tutorial to make these little lovelies here.  Super cute idea!  Added bonus, I already had all the jars and lights.  I just needed to make a quick trip to the dollar store for my tissue paper!  I used my Silhouette to cut out the faces.

You've seen the pics above before.  I had them printed out (thanks Costco), put them in some dollar store frames I spray painted black, and cut out some vinyl letters for the wall.  The plate was a thrift store find, the bird and spider in the frame are vinyl I cut with Sylvia (my Silhouette).  The rest of the items are dollar store finds.
Who doesn't love a good Halloween song?  My kids love this witch one.  So, I used my handy computer to create this printable, put it in a frame I already owned, added a few dollar store and craft store finds, and WHA-LA!  Cute decor!  The printable is below, if you would like to use it:

The kids and I made these ghosties last year using cheese cloth, balloons, and starch.

All and all, I love my little decorations.  I always get overwhelmed when I look through home decor magazines and people's entire houses look like a catalog.  Then it hit me:  Just add a few new holiday decorations each year, and before you know it, you'll have a festive house in no time!  Right now just my front room looks like Halloween.  I'm sure in a few years, splashes of each season will be spread throughout my home.  If not, no worries.  It's always fun to do crafty projects that add a little flare to the home.


amy said...

I love it all! Could you please come decorate my house for holidays?!? :)

Boom said...

Awesome Leslie! You have done enough for all of us. I will just enjoy yours. Better hold off a little because Tralee is getting a door knob craft and Hunty is getting a door decoration in their Halloween package. Also, I'm sending you a miracle green cloth for cleaning mirrors and windows, etc. Follow the instructions and let me know what you think. It works great on car windows!
Love you, Mom