Thursday, October 6, 2011

Trampoline and Other Tired Musings.

A few nights ago I took the camera out onto the tramp with the kids.  I set it on the highest ISO and fastest shutter speed I could, and got some funny pics of the kids.  Here are some of my favorites.

She was spinning so fast that her legs made it around before her torso. . . SIKE!  She just put her shirt on backwards.  Oh  man, I bet you were SOOOO shocked before I said, "sike!" 

I love it when gravity takes its course. . . on other people (like Hunter in the picture above); not with me.  I do NOT appreciate what gravity (and nursing) have done to m' ladies.  Not.  One.  Bit.  Thank goodness for plastic surgery. . . . someday. . . maybe. . . or maybe not. . . maybe I'll just have to do a bazillion pec exercises and see what I'm working with.  We'll see.  NOW, back to more trampoline pics.

He's flying!

No trickery in the pic above.  That's really how sweet she looks!  FOR REALS!

Love the hair Astro Girl!

Like this one too.

Oh yeah!

We've gotta do something about that diaper on the kid.  I've been postponing potty-training.  1.  Because Hunter is my baby and potty training somehow makes him a 150% a BIG BOY.  2.  Because I'm lazy.  There.  I said it.   I'll probably do it when he's two-and-a-half.  That gives me until November.  Check with me then, and we'll see if we're diaper free up in here.

I like this picture, even though Hunty's face doesn't even look like him.  Maybe it's due to gravity again.  

My floating angels.  Also, check out the skinny little legs on Hunter.  He used to have the MOST chubbalicious  pudgy little legs.  Now they're long and lean like his sisters.  Where-o-where has my baby gone?
 Okay. . . my most FAVORITE picture of the WHOLE DAY is below!  Seriously, it makes me laugh every time I see it.  Tralee laughs too!  So funny!  Check it out.  (Now I'm worried I hyped it up too much and you won't think it's as funny as we do. . . if you don't, then poop.  Oh well.)  Hopefully it'll at the very least make you smile.

It's so funny because of. . . YOU GUESSED IT. . . GRAVITY!  Oh man.  That pesky gravity gets ya EVERY TIME!

I'm really tired.  I don't sleep much when Jim's gone.  Oh yeah, Jim's gone and won't be back until my b-day.  You know what I want for my b-day?  For Jim to take the babies out and give me an few hours of rest.  Of course, I'll probably end up cleaning or doing some other form of foolishness instead of resting.  Crazy me.  Did I mention that I'm tired?  I'm pretty sure I'll read this all later and blush with all the craziness that's been typed out here today.

Guess what else I decided?  I REALLY like E.E. Cummings poetry.  He said (not literally), "To hell with the grammatical rules!  I'm gonna make up my own!"  I like that.  I like to sometimes have a little fun with grammar (just tell yourself that's what I'm doing when you see a mistake I've made).

Also, after having done some research I've concluded that I greatly enjoy William Carlos Williams poetry, and him actually, and I still really like his poem, This is Just to Say
.  Some critics say that this proves how selfishly smug he was, and that it's the equivalent of saying, "sorry I knocked down your house, but the crane was there, so I just couldn't help myself."  I mean COME ON!  He ate some plums!  He didn't knock his wife's house down!  It probably was selfish of him to eat the plums she was saving, but I too have eaten a treat I knew Jim would want later.  The temptation was too great.

By the way, sorry Jim.  Sorry for that one time I ate the Old Dutch Ketchup Chips all by myself and didn't save you any.  They were delicious.  I promise I won't smash your face in with a crow bar as well.

Seriously, some critics need to relax.  Although, if they're metaphorically speaking about his alleged affairs tearing the Williams home apart, I guess that makes sense.

I've learned Williams took some unnecessary liberties in the husband department, but from what I've researched, he seemed like a pretty decent poet and doctor for his time.  He couldn't have been so horrible to his wife (affairs aside), since at the bitter end, she read to him when he was unable to do so for himself.  If he was so horrible, I'm pretty sure Mrs. Williams wouldn't have helped him out.  She might have said, "Take off Will!  You ate my plums!  Now you get nothing!"  Instead, she read to him. 

Jim, will you read to me, even if at the bitter end I'm laying in bed with a bag of your ketchup chips, snarfing away, and not sharing with you at all in my old-lady haze?  I think I've been pretty good in the wife department, good enough to be read to on my deathbed, even if I've taken advantage every now and again.  :)

Anyways, this post has become pretty random.  I think I go a little crazy with no Jim around.  I miss him a lot.  And. . . I'm tired.

That's all.


Boom said...

The crowbar comment gave me a good laugh. Thanks!

Love you all,


Timber Mountain said...

uhhhh, ya, you're losing it. But I will read to you any time you want me to. I love you sweety heart!!