Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Ladybug Friday

Every Friday I take the kids to the library for story time, and to re-stock our book pile at home; then to the park to burn off some more energy.  After we're nice and tired (I'm usually the one that's tired, the kids could go and go and go just like the Energizer bunny) we head home for lunch and a little R&R (once again, I'm the one that needs to recover, the kids just play some more).  This last Friday Tralee wanted to wear her costume all.  day.  long.  I recently completed it (I made the skirt, the rest was courtesy of Savers and the $3.99 I had in my pocket at the time of purchase) and Tralee was excited to wear the whole shebang.  She decided she wanted to be a ladybug about a month before Halloween, and had been eyeing the wings hungrily since we bought them.  I wouldn't let her wear them for fear they would be damaged before H-day.  Since Friday was our church's Trunk-or-Treat, I thought, "why not give these bad boys a test run?"  So. . .all.  day. long. on Friday my Stinky Tralinky donned her wings, skirt, and antenna.  I grabbed the camera before we headed out to the library and park, knowing I needed to capture a few pics of my little ladybug.  Also. . . I noticed after taking all these pictures that Tralee's wings were on upside down.  All. day. long on Friday I didn't notice, then the first thing I thought after plugging the pics into the computer was, "Her wings are on wrong!"  I WAS going to blame Tralee for putting them on wrong, after all, she's only four and putting things on inside out, and upside down is expected, if not, forgivable of that age group.  Then I realized that if I told everyone it was all her fault, I would be lying.  I try really really hard not to be a liar.  So. . . I'll admit, it's my fault the wings are wrong.  Wrong-sided wings or not, I love all the pics from our Friday at the park.

Now for the pics:

Look at those cheeks!  I love them!!!  They're SO kissable!

Maybe she really could have flown had her wings been on right.

I love it when my kids do sweet things, like hold hands, all on their own!

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