Saturday, November 5, 2011

What to do with Leftover Halloween Candy?

Why, make edible playdough of course!  Use the candy for decoration!  That's what we did.  There are lots of edible playdough recipes out there, so we just used this one, then opened up a few mini packs of M&M's, Smarties (USA kind, not the delish Canadian ones), Candy Corn, and added a few white chocolate chips for good measure.  The best part is, I think the kids played with the playdough and candy more than they ate it.  Also, it kept the littles occupied for a good hour or so.  So, I got some time to myself (I took care of the ever-so-exciting task of doing the dishes while they played), and we got rid of more Halloween candy!  Hooray!  After the kid-os were done, I put the playdough in a tupperware container until the end of the day.  I think they played with it one more time before the garbage fairies ate the rest.  I couldn't bring myself to save it after thirty fingers and three mouths had been playing/eating it for a good portion of the day.  Fun was had, more candy vanished, and cleanup wasn't too horrible since Corky-the-Buddhist-Pug was right there to catch whatever fell off the table.  Yippee!

One of the many creations of the day.

"Playdough I can eat?  Cool Mom!"

We had Brinley over to play for the day.  Tralee LOVES Brinley.  Brinley loves Tralee.  They both loved the playdough.  It was a playdough-playdate-love-fest all up in here.