Thursday, November 17, 2011

Interesting Turkey Craft

We had pre-school at our house yesterday.  The theme was Thanksgiving, so of course we had to do some kind of Turkey craft.  Most of the kids' turkeys turned out like this:
And then there was Hunty's.  His turned out like this:
Should I be worried?  Or is this a sign that Hunter is a creative genius who thinks outside the box?  Jim said Hunter's turkey looks like a turd on a plate covered in eyeballs (hope you weren't eating something when you read that last line).


I was thinking we should have made the picture of Hunter's turd-eyeball-turkey into a holiday card that said something like, "Eye hope your Thanksgiving isn't crappy!"  There just wasn't enough time to pull it off.  Oh well.  Hopefully you're not too upset you didn't get that kind of card in your mailbox this year.  Sorry if you're disappointed.  Maybe next year our little Picasso will pull off something equally fantastic.