Thursday, November 17, 2011

Remind You of Anyone?

Jim and I were looking at old photos a while back and came across this one of yours truly:

Right after we saw it Jim goes, "take off most of the hair, and that's Hunter."  So, I did just that (really quickly using my limited photoshoping skills) to see if he was right:

What do you think?  Does the face above resemble the cute little (albeit messy) mug below?

I kind of think it does.  When Jim and I were discussing it later I asked, "So what do you think happened when our little man was created?  Did my genes just take over and bully your genes into making sure Hunter looked more like me?"  Jim answered, "To be honest, my genes were probably just so happy to be involved they didn't care how Hunty turned out."  Haha!  Silly Jim.  It doesn't really matter what happened in the creation process, we're just so happy to have Hunter as a part of our family.  I don't know how the little munchkin does it, but he gets cuter everyday.

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Boom said...

You got that right!