Monday, November 7, 2011

Friday. . .a day late.

Friday's weather was perfect for staying inside, sipping hot cocoa, and snuggling under a blanket while watching Disney cartoons with the littles.  That's exactly what we did.  We skipped our library and park plans, stayed bundled in our pajamas, and enjoyed each other's company.  We also peeked outside every now and again excited that snow was falling.  At some point those little snowflakes got the better of us, and we slipped on whatever boots and jacket we could find, ran outside, and tried to catch snowflakes on our tongues.  Tralee stayed out the longest while Hunter and I probably lasted in the cold about 34 seconds or so.  Tralee was probably out lallygagging for about an hour.  I guess it's just proof, once again, that Tralee really is a winter baby.  Friday was fun.  Friday was relaxing.  Friday gave us a bit of cabin fever.  So, when we woke up on Saturday with little sunbeams patting our faces awake, we decided to hit up the library and park a day late.  We were ready to get out and about.  Tralee insisted on bringing her favorite (as of right now) stuffed animal; it's an orange cat she named Blue.  So, Tralee, Hunter, Blue, and I got ready for the day, and off we went to play.

I tried a cute little bun in Tralee's hair.  I added a flower clip she and I made on our Friday indoors.
Tralee and Blue ready to go.

Without a doubt, my children's favorite park activity is swinging.

Blue even likes a good swing.
See what I mean?

Tralee wanted Blue to enjoy his day at the park as much as she did.  So, he went on everything Tralee did.

Towards the end, Hunter got cold and tired and just wanted to be held.  He also gave me a few kisses.  

Have you kissed this boy?  It's a lot of fun!

More kisses!!!  I'll take all I can get!  I have a goal to kiss him so many times no other girl will ever be able to catch up. Is that weird?  I don't care.

I like his mischievous little face here.  He was giving me so many kisses, we were both laughing pretty hard.
Love that boy!
One more for the road.
'Til next time. . . 


Boom said...

Terrific pictures! I want one of those kisses! Tralee looks great in a bun hairdo.

Love you All,

Hannah S said...

Lovely. You're such a good mom!! You look hot too, btw. Just sayin. And Jocelyn is warm blooded too, or is it cold? anyway, she insists she's never cold either.