Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Painted Nails

Tralee had been asking me if she could paint our finger and toe nails for a while.  So, yesterday I let her have at it.  She even painted Hunter's fingernails.  I'm not sure what the protocol is on little boys' nails.  I know there was some big hoopla about the J Crew editor and chief painting her son's nails pink a while back.  It didn't bother me.  I also wasn't too worried when Hunty stuck his hand in front of Tralee to get painted after he watched her paint all twenty of her nails, and ten of mine.  He's around two females (three if you count our dog) all day.  He's bound to participate in some girly things every now and again.  Also, two minutes after Hunter got in touch with his feminine side, he was all about throwing a ball around with me, leaping off the furniture better than a superhero, and promptly pealing off whatever paint actually made it onto his nails.  Tralee's mani and pedi, however; are still as gorge as they were yesterday, as is my pedicure!  You'd be jealous about how awesome my toes look right now. In fact, if you were here looking at my piggies I'm sure you'd ask, "Where did you get THAT done?"  If anyone is interested, I'm sure Tralee would LOVE to give you the full treatment.  Pop over anytime and you'll leave with your toes looking like this:
Tralee's toes

Hunter getting his nails done.  Love the tongue sticking out.

Mommy's turn!

The finished product.
We're all about appearances around here (HA!), so it's a good thing we whipped out the nail polish yesterday!  We wouldn't want to be seen with naked nails!  Oh the shame!!!  Thanks Tralee, for keeping us hip!


Boom said...

You are a courageous woman!

Boom said...

I might have meant outrageous!

Love Mom