Monday, November 21, 2011

Thanksgiving is (almost) Here!

I don't have much in the name of Thanksgiving decor, so I made a few things to festive the place up.
I spray painted an old thrift store frame, modged poded some fun paper to the white mat that came with the frame, and added some cute pics of the munchkins.  I cut the vinyl "blessings" word out to place above the frame.  I also printed out another printable found here, and added it to a $1Ikea frame (when o' when will Ikea come closer to me?).  Jim also cut some blocks for me, which I painted, and added the vinyl letters that spell, "give thanks."  The pumpkins were leftover from my Halloween decor, and the "Homemade Pies -- 35 cents" printable is one that I made.  I copied a sign I found online, except I think the sign online had an apple pie, and I wanted a pumpkin pie.  So, I just made my own sign with a pumpkin pie, printed it out, and popped it in an old frame. 

Happy Thanksgiving banner.

Thanksgiving printable.  Found here.

I had to throw this one in the mix.   Isn't he cute?