Monday, July 11, 2011

Tuesday in Canada

Jim and I wanted to go to the Cardston, Alberta temple while we were in Canada.  I've never done a session there before, and have been told that it's a beautiful temple --I wasn't disappointed.  Cammi agreed to watch our little munchkins for us (thanks again Cam!), and Jim and I took off to Cardston.  When we walked into the temple they said their next available session didn't start until an hour later, so we did some initiatory work first, and then went through.  

It felt so good to be at the temple with my husband.  I don't think Jim and I have gone through together since before Tralee was born.  We've both gone on our own while the other stayed home with the kids, but this was the first time in a while that we had a temple date.

After the temple we drove back to Mountain View and got our little family ready to go to Beazer Hole with Cammi and Zayah.  I also can't believe in all the times I've gone to Canada that I've never gone to Beazer Hole.  It was super fun!  Here are some pics.

Baby Z being cute

Tralee testing out the water.  It was FRIGID!!

Standing on the big rock

She's still a little unsure

Baby Z cooling of her little piggies in the water

Hunter having fun with his favorite recreational hobby: Throwing rocks.

Cammi and Zayah

Yeah, we're pretty much babes!

It took me around ten minutes to move from this spot and actually jump in--the water was REALLY cold.  It was the kind of cold that sucks the air out of you and makes your body go numb.  Jim didn't think I would actually jump in, but I finally did.  I mostly did cause Cammi did.  I made her go first.  Once I saw that she lived through it, I knew I could too!

At the rope swings.  Actually, Tralee called them vines.  She kept asking to swing from the vines.

Swinging into the FREEZING water!

Jim jumping in

In just a second he's going to be fully submerged in icy wonder

Jim swinging from the rop swing

Come on!  That's one dang cute little behind!

Tralee wanted to swing on the "vine" really bad.  So, Jim swam her over and she just had a BLAST!!!  Jim stayed right there by Tralee, and even got her to jump in on her own and float down to him.  Once she was shivering so bad she couldn't move,  Jim swam her back and she dried off (and warmed up) playing in the sun.

She loved this!

More vine fun

Swimming back to shore

Jim caught this trout just a little way up the stream from the swimming hole.  He came running up to us so excited to show us his bounty.  It was hilarious.  Oh yeah, beautiful fish too.

So happy to be fishing!

Hunter and Jim built a little spot to keep the fish contained.  Before we left, Jim let the trout, Tralee named it Dot, swim to freedom.

Our little group had the place to ourselves.

Pretty princess 

When we got home from swimming I caught Hunter walking around with Grandpa Ross' magnifying glass.  He did this a lot while we were there.  Poor Grandpa didn't know where it was half the time.  Eventually we helped Hunter move on to play with his own toys.

So, that's our Tuesday.

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I love that you take the time to blog. It's a Grandma's salvation!
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