Friday, July 15, 2011

Canada Day: Part One

Auntie Tranny and Tralee
Friday, July 1st we woke up to a fine sunshiny Canada Day.  Our little family got in our red and white, I made maple leaf hair clips for the girls, so Tralee and I clipped them in, and we made our first stop at the church for the Canada Day program.  Every year there's a musical program for Canada Day.  I sang in it with Jim's sisters the very first trip I took to Canada with Jim 10 years ago.  They asked if I wanted to, and I said, "sure."  This time Jim and I sat back, and just enjoyed what others had prepared.  However, there were several ladies that asked Jim why he wasn't singing.  He used to perform with his siblings all the time when he was a little boy (at his mother's request) and he can't seem to escape the pressure.  This year Jim decided to just relax and enjoy the show.  And enjoy it we did!  

The performers in our family this Canada Day included our nieces and nephews, Jim's sisters Joni and Cammi did a number, Sue performed, as well as Jim's dad.  Sue's husband Dan played the guitar throughout the program.  Jim's dad sang Trace Adkins' song "Then They Do."  Ross got a little teary-eyed throughout the song.  I glanced over at Jim and noticed him tearing up as well (but he'll never admit it), Jim's sisters also lost it, as well as Judy.  It was really sweet, and a great program overall.

Jim and the kids in their Canada Day red
Hunter and Mommy.  Tralee didn't want to stay for the photo.  Hunter is not looking to pleased either.

Henry did a great job singing, and the rest of the gang did well performing as well.

Henry and Keaton
Dan and Sue
Ross performing

More of Ross' song.  Cammi sang backup.

I like this picture

Here are a few videos of Ross' song.  I would have liked to get the whole thing, but I had a squirmy two-year-old Hunter on my lap and no tripod.  So. . . I only managed to get two short clips.  Here they are:

Joni and Cammi's time to shine
Joni and Cammi did a great job singing together
Everyone waving their Canada flags around

After the program it's tradition to head over to the Mountain View School field for the Canada Day races.  First they race by age.  We had been practicing with Tralee for weeks prior to this.  She was ready and excited to go!  We were so proud of her!!  I'm not sure what place she took, but as soon as she crossed the finish line Tralee yelled, "I won!"  We responded, "Yes you did!  Good job!"  Colleen also claimed the title, so we just went with it.  We had two four-year-old winners in our family!  
Right at the go!

Do you see the determination on her face?

The little boy next to her kept trying to push her out of his way, but Tralee held her own!
Our champion!

Most of Jim's other nieces and nephews raced as well.  Once they got to the 30-year-old age group they just did 30 to 50 year olds.  Next was 50 and over.  Jim raced in his age group.  After the age group races they did potato sack racing, three-legged-races, and a balloon toss competition.  It was a lot of fun. 

Katie's race
Keaton's race
Henry Racing 
Henry at the finish line
Jim racing

Such a goof!
Tralee and Colleen hugging until they fell down
 During the three-legged-race we sent Tralee and Colleen up together.  We just had them wrap their arms around each other and go to town.  When they crossed the finish line Tralee said, "We did it!  We did it together as friends!"  Then she started singing a made up song that went like this, "Together as friends!  Together as Fri--ends!"  That seemed to be the theme song the rest of our trip.  Tralee and Colleen spent the rest of the time at the races hugging each other until the fell over.  Such silly little girls!
Racing together as friends

Henry and Keaton

I like this pic of the brothers racing together

The photo to the left is of Eli and Joni, and the photo to the right is of Cammi modeling the maple leaf hair clip I made for the girls.

Henry about to potato sack race
Henry about to eat it
He's going down!
 Henry and Jim did the balloon toss together


Chase and Ross
 After the races we headed back to Ross and Judy's for our Canada Day feast!  Judy is such a good cook!  She always has the best meals planned.  Canada Day was no exception.  I think most of us girls helped prepare as much we could, then had a great time eating yummy food, and visiting until the next Canada Day activities began!
Eli, Joni, Colleen, and Tralee
These girls had so much fun together
Cute little Zayah.  She wore the outfit I made for her before she was even born!  I'm glad it fit!

We did a lot of fun things on Canada Day, so stay tuned for more adventures!

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