Friday, July 8, 2011

Lazy Sunday in Canada

Our first Sunday in Mountain View, Alberta was pretty relaxing.  We woke up, got ready for church, walked there, enjoyed the classes/talks and seeing family and friends, came back to the Jacobs' retreat, prepared and ate a yummy meal, and played Crib with Grammy J.  She and I lost THREE times to Jim and Ross.  I don't even think they cheated!  I can't believe it!  Grammy and I need to have a rematch and reclaim our Cribbage title!  Grammy said we probably didn't win because we played cards on Sunday.  So why did Jim and Ross win?  Those dirty pot-lickers!  After Cribbage some of us had naps, we visited, Jim hit the ball around with the littles on the golf course, we watched some tv, ate more yummy food (Judy and her girls are GREAT cooks), laughed, got tired, and went to bed.  It was a perfect Sunday!
Jim and the kid-os golfing at The Ross Jacobs' Golf Club
Hunter might be in the pros one day.  Look at his determination!
Show 'em how it's done baby!
Tralee loved to golf with her daddy!  P.S.  She picked out her after-church outfit.

She's such a pretty little princess!
Grammy Jacobs' weather station.
More of the Jacobs' property.  
I think Jim's sister Nikkers A.K.A Nikki Nicole or Nikki, is thinking, "Jim is dumb."  She could also be thinking, "I hope he doesn't fart on me."
Hunty playing with all the toys Grandma Judy pulled out for the munchkins.
My favorite Channy Tranny!
Cammi was asking the magic eight ball if Jim was a pretty little girl.  The answer was clearly yes!  I like Judy and Cammi's face in this picture.
In case you don't know, Jim gives THE BEST massages!
Baby Zayah
Aunty Tranny helping Hunty out with a toy.
Zayah and Jim having a moment.  I wonder if she's thinking, "I got your nose!"
Another Uncle Jim-Zayah moment
What would a Sunday afternoon be without a nap with Grandpa Ross?  I kinda love this picture.

That's all for now!

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