Thursday, July 14, 2011

Thursday in Canada

On Thursday we played outside a lot.  We ran around with family, played a little golf in the yard, then took a trip down to the land by the river that used to be Jim's backyard.  Some of our party tried to fish, but the river was still too milky, so we moved along to gopher hunting.  Jim said he pretty much grew up down by the river (did you just picture Chris Farley?  I did).  Jim had a BB gun by age 10 (could be younger) and moved up to a .22 a few years later.  He's spent many a summer night sleeping in a teepee by the river, roasting hot dogs for dinner in the fire pit every night, and carrying around either a gun or a fishing pole by day.  He said during the summer he wouldn't even go inside his house for days on end.  He would just explore their acres of land all day long, go fishing, swing on the rope swing, swim or float down the river, build forts, and last but not least hunt for gophers.  Every time we visit Canada, Jim has to visit the old land and go gopher hunting.

Gophers (A.K.A prairie dogs) run rampant in S. Alberta.  They dig holes on cattle lands, cattle can fall into the holes and brake their legs, and then have to be put down.  Long story short, Jim said some ranchers/farmers used to pay money for the amount of gophers you would shoot on their property.  While nobody made any money on Thursday, a lot of gophers still went up to gopher heaven (Jim says there is no such place . . . I'd like to think there is).  Shooting gophers is kind of a recreational sport in Southern Alberta, and just like golf, it's not for everyone.  Although I don't condone it, it's not really my thing.

Instead of shooting, I went down to the river with all the little girls and Hunter.  We threw rocks in the water.  After a few minutes Jim walked down holding a gopher he snared right out of its hole (also something Jim used to do as a country boy).  All the little kids thought it was hilarious to have a "pet gopher" for the day.  Sadly, the gopher met his demise later on at the hand of our nephew Keaton, with the help of a .22.  May our little gopher friend rest in peace.

Okay. . . picture time.
Colleen picked me a flower!
I had Tralee and Colleen practice for the Canada Day races
Such fun!
 So these next few pictures are kind of funny!  I told Tralee and Colleen to practice racing for Canada Day.  I had them line up and then said, "Get read, get set, GO!!!"  Then they would race towards me.  Well, Tralee kept winning and I wanted Colleen to have a chance to, so I told the girls to hold hands and race together so they could both win!  They both agreed, and when the time came, Tralee dropped Colleen's hand and ran ahead screaming, "I won!" at the finish line.  Colleen DID NOT appreciate this!  I got a picture of her right when she was protesting the loudest.  I couldn't help but laugh, but did make sure she won a few races as well.  Also, in the picture right before the one of just Colleen being mad, check out Tralee's face.  Colleen's face is ticked that Tralee ran ahead, and Tralee looks like a little stinker that is thinking, "I know I said I was gonna let Colleen win, but I lied.  I'm gonna win this!  What what!!!!"  Silly girls!
Colleen and Tralee racing.  Still happy.
Tralee right after she dropped Colleen's hand and ran ahead.
Colleen yelling at Tralee
They made up a few minutes later.  I just love this picture.  They're holding hands and everything!!
Right before I took this picture Colleen said, "I'm just gonna relax in the sun."  She has a lisp, so image her saying that with a lisp and it'll make this picture that much more cute!
Jim, Keaton, Henry, and Katie golfing
Just cute

Father son bonding time
Super baby
Pure joy
Joni, Henry, and Katie
Jim, Henry, Joni, Cammi, Kelly
Joni getting mugged on by Kelly
Keaton fishing 
Pet gopher

Pet gopher

Jim and Kelly were sad

Hanging out in the back of Grandpa's truck
Ross shooting things. . .I don't have to wonder where Jim gets it from!  :)
Chase and Ross
Cammi and her gun.  There's a competition between Jim and Cammi to see who's killed the most gophers.  They both claim the title.  
Henry showing off his gopher
Tralee, Joni, and Colleen frolicking in a nearby field together. 
Group shot of everyone who went down to the river.

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