Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Driving Home

Our drive back into the states wasn't too exciting.  We said our goodbyes and left Canada on Sunday, July 3rd in the afternoon.  We drove about half way and stopped in Butte, Montana.  The first thing our kids did when we got into our room was jump on the beds.  I didn't even stop it.  In fact, I encouraged it.  Those active little bodies had been cramped in a car for six hours, so by all means, have at it!  Tralee's favorite activity was jumping from bed to bed.  Little dare devil! 

We also burnt off some more energy by swimming in the hotel's pool.  After Mommy and Daddy were ready to rest (the kids weren't on board yet), we got out of the pool, showered, jammied-up, got back in the car, and found a place to order some food.  Arby's was the closest, and only place open, so Arby's it was.  Love me some horsey sauce!  We parked our car outside the hotel, ate our curly fries, and watched the fireworks that were going off all around the valley.  We saw at least three different sets blasting in the sky and heard the ooohs and aaahs of the little munchkins that sat in our laps munching on their chicken strips.

When the fireworks were over, our dinners devoured, and our bodies in much need of some rest, we found our way back to the hotel room.  Teeth were brushed, prayers were said, stories were read, and then tiny bodies were snuggled into slumber.  At last Jim and I had a few moments to reflect on the wonderful vacation we just had, and then watch some bad TV (something about Bigfoot. . . did I ever mention that Jim's obsessed with Sasquatches?  Geek alert!)  It didn't take me long to dose off, and morning came too quickly.

Monday, July 4th we ate some breakfast at the hotel, packed up, and tried to leave.  The problem was there was a HUGE parade going on right on the road we had to leave on, so we hung out for an extra hour or so while the parade took place.  Once it was over, we were finally able to leave Butte, and continue on our merry way home.

We made it home safely, and now that I'm finally done blogging about our Canadian vacation, it's probably time to finish unpacking!  (YIKES!)  I REALLY REALLY REALLY hate unpacking!! I don't know why, but it usually takes me a good week (or two) to finish unpacking from a trip I hate it so much.  Anyways. . . I better go take care of business.

Go CANADA trip 2011!!

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Boom said...

I very much enjoyed your whole vacation blog! That swimming hole looks really cold!