Friday, July 8, 2011

First Day in Canada

We pulled into Mountain View, Alberta late afternoon on Saturday, June 25th.  This sign met us at Ross and Judy's door, which was a little disappointing, because we were counting on catching the afternoon dolphin show.  Oh well, as it was, we found other fun things to do.
 Tralee and Hunter played outside for a while.  It was quite lovely.
 Jim and Ross went over our traveling route, and navigated other future trips to and from Canada.  They do this pretty much every time we visit.  The first time I was in Alberta (ten years ago), I remember Ross pulling out a US map and having me show him exactly where I grew up in Wisconsin.  Topography is a popular past time in this family.

 Hunter was in heaven at Grandpa Ross and Grandma Judy's house.  There are a lot of rocks used for landscaping around their property, and Hunter just happens to LOVE rocks (being a little boy and all).  Hunter spent hours and hours just picking up, throwing, and holding rocks throughout our stay.  

 Jim and Ross had to golf on the three-par course that Ross makes each year in his yard (flags, holes, greens, and everything).  In the picture below you see Judy driving by, and the church we go to right across the street.
 After Jim and Ross finished their game of golf, we loaded up in Grandpa's truck and headed to Cammi's house.  Jim's sister, Cammi and her family, just live right down the road from Ross and Judy.  Jim and Hunter sat in the back of the truck while Tralee sat right next to Grandpa Ross.

 We were really excited to see Cammi's cute little munchkin, Zayah.  She's a little cutie-pie, and we all loved to mug on her a bit.

 Our last activity for the evening involved feeding some horses.  The grey horse that Tralee is feeding in the picture below was a stinker.  He kept trying to bite the other horses, and even Jim on one occasion.  Jim finally yelled at it, and it backed off.  This made Tralee feel bad for it, and she wanted to feed it that much more.  We tried to tell her that this horse was acting naughty, but she was sure he was just misunderstood.
 We were only in Canada for half a day on our first day, but all that fresh country air, playing, and visiting tuckered us right out.  
More to come!!

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Fun first day!