Saturday, July 23, 2011

Jim's Alaskan Adventure

Jim just got home from his 11-day adventure in Alaska.  He had a great time with his uncle and cousins.  I'm mostly going to post some pictures of their trip.  For a more detailed account. . . talk to Jim!  

Flying out to the drop-off point
Getting their gear ready

The next few pictures are of all the different fish Jim and his fellow fishermen caught.  One of the last photos is a rainbow trout.  Jim said it was the biggest rainbow trout he's ever caught--or seen for that matter! 

We have a little waterproof point-and-shoot Jim was testing out.  Not too shabby!

 Playing games in their tent at night. . .

Here's the trout. . . HUGE!

The boat that took them back to civilization
Jim had a blast, but he's glad to be home.  We're glad he's home too!!  Tralee was so cute at the airport, as soon as she saw her daddy, she ran up to him giggling and laughing so hard!  It was like her little body couldn't contain so much joy in seeing her daddy, so it all came out in a burst of laughter.  All day long she kept asking Jim, "You're not going to leave us again are you?  I want you to stay here with us for a long long long time!"  Jim promised not to leave again for a while.  Phew!  We're happy to have our family together again!

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Cammi said...

Those fish are funky looking but HUGE!! awesome!! plus its weird to see Jim with a little bit of facial hair... haha i didnt know what to think...