Wednesday, July 20, 2011


   Tricia and Jeff (Jim's mom and her husband) recently put their house on the market and moved to a different city to start a new adventure.  As we were helping pack them up and clean a bit, Tricia let me know that until the house sells, I am more than welcome to help myself to the fruits of her labor in the garden.  Not one to say no to free produce, I gratefully accepted.  

A few days ago Trish called to let me know that her raspberries were prime for the picking, so the kids and I took some buckets and headed on over yesterday.  Tralee loved to pick them, but she's not a fan of raspberries.  Never has been.  Hunter on the other hand ate more than he put in his bucket.

We picked about an ice-cream-bucket full of raspberries and headed on our merry way.  I would have liked to pick more, but my kids were getting grumpy and hungry, and it started to rain.  So, we might have to go back in another few days and pick some more. 

When we got home Hunter and I ate some more raspberries, and then I froze the rest.  Although it's sad that Tricia and Jeff have moved away, I'm grateful they're sharing their garden with us!  Those raspberries will be put to good use!  

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Meagan said...

Sooo jealous! I adore raspberries.