Saturday, July 9, 2011

Monday in Canada

On Monday our little family went up to Waterton National Park with Cammi and Zayah.  We hit Red Rock Canyon, stopped by Cameron Falls, played by at Waterton Lake, and finished our stay with a few scoops of yummy ice cream at The Big Scoop (Rolo ice cream in Canada is the best. . .just sayin').  We had a fun outing.

Later on, Jim and Ross went golfing in Cardston.  When they finished up their round, off to pike fish at 
Romerell's Lake (spelling?) they went.  Jim caught a HUGE pike while they were out.  He said they were biting like crazy.  

So overall we had a great day hiking, fishing, golfing, and hanging out.

Check out the pics (warning:  There's a butt-load of 'em): 
Me at Red Rock Canyon.  It's so beautiful there.  This was also the first place Jim took me the very first time I went up to Canada with him when we were dating.  Nostalgia I tell ya!

The kids and me at Red Rock

Cammi walking Zayah around at Red Rock

My big strong boys!

Just a picture looking down from a bridge.

Hiking. . . sorta

Another pic of Red Rock

Cammi and Zayah at Red Rock

Prince Something Hotel. . .I can't remember the name.

Cameron Falls

Cammi and Zayah at Cameron Falls

Zayah being cute.

All this boy needs is a stick and a rock and he's set!

You have to do the family shot in front of the falls.  You just have to.

More cute Zayah and her mommy at the falls

More cute Zayah.

Hunter at Waterton Lake

My lil' monkey climbing a tree

Tralee loves her daddy!  The feeling is mutual.

Tralee and Mommy.  We're just the cutest!

Tralee and Jim playing a "you better not kiss me" game.

More games.

I told Tralee to go get her brother.  So, she got him and held on for dear life.  Hunter didn't appreciate it very much.

I don't think it's possible for this boy to get any cuter. . . be he still manages to do so every day!

They're the cutest kids. Period.

Up on a log.
Telling me a story

Running around

Our stop for ice cream


The next few pics are of Ross and Jim's father/son outing.


The End. . . for now.

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Boom said...

Awesome Pictures! Canada is beautiful. I see what Tralee means!

Love, Mom