Tuesday, July 26, 2011

More Summer Fun

Tralee really loves her second cousin, Brinley.  She always talks about her, and asks if we can go to her house, or if Brinley can come play at ours.  About a week ago Tralee got her wish when we went over to watch Brinley for a day while her mom ran one of Brin's brothers to Scout camp.  I told Tralee we were going to go play at Brinley's the night before, and the first thing she said the next morning was, "Ok, It's tomorrow, let's go to Brinley's!"  Despite Tralee's expression in the following two pictures, she had a lot fun playing with her cousin this day.  They were outside most of the day running around in the sprinklers, jumping on the tramp, playing in various forts, snuggling with puppies, and pushing each other in the hammock.  Hunter tried to keep up with the older girls, but his little legs weren't quite fast enough.  He spent a lot of time playing with his dear ol' Mom while the older girls ran off to their next adventure.

It was a fun summer day. 

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Great pictures!

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