Wednesday, March 19, 2008

You Just Never Know

Today was fun and a bit alarming.

I called Carey, one of Jim's cousin's wives I hang out with, and asked her if she and her girls wanted to go swimming at the Y with Tralee and me. She agreed and we had a nice time with our little girls. She has an eight-month-old and three-year-old. Carey came to our house, we hung out for a bit, and then we packed up the girls and left to go swimming.

Tralee loved being in the water. She walked right into the beach area, and almost ran into deeper waters. The girl has no fear! She kept trying to get me to let go of her. Funny girl! What was so interesting is how comfortable Tralee became floating in the water. She kept arching her back and wanting to lay in the water as I held her. I barley had to support her as I just let her float. She loved it! However, after about an hour I asked Tralee if she was done, and she signed back "Done!" So we got out of the water, and left to go back home. Carey and her daughters came with and we were all enjoying just hanging out when Carey's phone rang.

I knew something wasn't quite right when Carey's face went white and she exclaimed, "WHAT!?!?" into her phone. She immediatly walked to the door and started putting on her shoes. My heart sank as I realized something was very wrong. When Carey got off the phone she let me know her husband was in the hospital. All she knew was he had been crushed by some machinery while working. She was reacting how any wife would react after getting this news. I did what any friend would do, and offered my services. . . what could I do to help? In the middle of this Carey got another phone call which let her know that her husband was conscience, and it wasn't as bad as we first thought. PHEW!!! I drove to the hosptial while Carey followed me as she wasn't familiar with the area we live in. Then I stayed and watched her girls while she saw her husband. He was fine, banged, bruised, and stitched up, but able to leave the hospital that night. Another big PHEW!! I stayed in the waiting room the whole time. Tralee napped for the first bit, so watching three kids ages three and under wasn't all that bad.

In case you're wondering what happened to Trenton, I guess while working a 1600 pound dog kennel tipped over and fell on him (there might have been more than one, but I'm not sure). He was able to catch one last breath that he used to call for help on his radio. Luckily he had his radio on him! A woman ran fast and had to use a fork lift to get the kennel(s) off of him. Carey told me that Trenton said they got to him just in time. If he was stuck like that any longer he might not have made it. SCARRY! Now, this is a third person telling the story, so my facts might not be straight. . . just so you know.

After today's events I'm reminded about how fleating our life on Earth is. We live moment to moment, never really knowing what the heavens will dish out. We have experiences like today's that remind us how lucky we are for what we're blessed with. I'm thankful my friend's husband is okay, and that he had enough oxygen to call for help. I'm thankful for my and my family's health. I'm thankful for my husband and how hard he works for his family. I'm thankful for all the moments Heavenly Father sent an angel to protect me or a loved one, and I didn't realize it -- I'm sure there are pleanty of these moments.

When I left the hospital I told Carey that the next time we hang out, we have to make our husband's swear to us that they won't get hurt so that we can finish having a fun day wihout any alarming distractions.

So, that was my day. I'm glad that it ended happy!

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Necha said...

Ekkk, that was scary and I don't even know them! But I am glad everything turned out okay. It sounds like his gaurdian angels were with him!!

Did you notice that in my last post I said "Jim Jacobs and his friend Leslie." Whoops! I fixed it though! And you bet I had pen pals!! -mostly my cousins. We should definetly get the girls writing! Exept now a days they don't do that any more...they e-mail or text. Oh well. Life was better when we were kids wasn't it!