Thursday, March 20, 2008

Joni Lee

Today's my sister-in-law's Birthday. She's child number five out of six in the original Jacobs' clan. And, from watching some old Jacobs' family videos, she was by far the cutest of the bunch! No offense to any other Jacobs' children, but Jim agrees with me on this one. Joni was a doll! A blond, lurpy, couldn't say her r's doll! Now Joni's still as cute as can be! She's a blast to be around, and whenever I'm with her I find myself laughing.The first time I met Joni, was also my first trip up to Canada. I was resting in a bedroom and in walked Joni! She jumped on the bed, gave me a big hug and kiss, and told me how happy she was I was going to marry Jim. How's that for an introduction? There was no awkward hand shakes or conversation, I was immediately just one of the family. It's safe to say I liked Joni from the start. I don't get to see Joni all that often, but when I do there's always fun to be had. So, wherever she is on this day of days, and whatever she's doing I hope she's happy.

Happy Birthday Joni Lee Jacobs!

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