Thursday, March 6, 2008

We're HOME!!!

Oh my goodness it feels good to be home!! Tralee was sick the WHOLE time we were watching Jim's Uncle's kids. She cried ALL THE TIME, and just wanted me to hold her. She also woke up every hour every night we were there and cried. I gave her Infant Tylenol, and that seemed to help a bit, but after having gotten NO sleep five nights in a row, I'm exhausted! I also caught whatever Tralee has. My head is achy, my throat hurts, and my nose is so stuffy that even when Tralee slept, I couldn't because I couldn't breath. I faked my way through the rest of our stay, and tried to be involved with the kids as much as possible. We played outside, baked, played games, and talked. So, hopefully the kids had a good time, and don't think I'm a dud for a babysitter, because I was out of it for a lot of the time I was there.

I felt bad, because when Tralee is healthy, and when she gets used to people she's a delight to be around. She was a stinker the WHOLE time for the kids we were watching. If one of them even tried to talk to her, she would freak out. There were a few sparse moments when she played with the other kids, but not nearly enough. Tralee pretty much demanded my attention, but I had four other kids to worry about cooking for, cleaning for, and running around. Jim helped when he could, but he had to work also. Plus, their oldest boy really liked Jim's undivided attention so it was a little difficult. It would have been much easier if Tralee wasn't sick, but what can you do?

We've been home now for a few hours, and Tralee seems happy to be home. She's not nearly as fussy as she was, and I think just having the familiarity of her home around her helps. She's been playing with Corky, and giving me hugs, so all is well.

I hope and pray that tonight, since we're at home, everyone will sleep soundly. I REALLY need some rest. I feel like a zombie. I'm so glad that today when Tralee falls asleep for a nap, I'll be able to rest with her. I can't wait to sleep, I never missed it so much as I do now.

Well, see ya later.


Boom said...

I'm happy you are home too. I sure hope you get a nice nap in today.

Meagan said...

I am so sorry. I understand about not getting sleep and being sick. I hope that everyone sleeps well tonight. Get better soon and welcome home.

Jim said...

North and South - sounds like something I would really enjoy! *******NOT*******.

Another bonnet movie??????

Mom must have watched P & P 100X

Glad you enjoyed it though.