Monday, March 31, 2008

Girls Just Love Shoes!

A few months ago we couldn't get shoes on Tralee's feet if our lives' depended on it. In fact, if she even saw a pair of shoes she thought we would try to put on her she would start to cry. Boy, things have changed. I think her "I'm-a-girl-so-I-must-be-obsessed-with-shoes" gene has FINALLY developed. It must have been a little slow, but now our little girl LOVES shoes! If she sees ANY pair she immediately picks them up and hands them to us, which means she wants them on. It doesn't matter if they're too big or small, they don't match, she already has a pair on, or it's almost time for bed and there's no need for shoes. Tralee just loves them. This is all much to Jim's dismay. A few months ago he was happy with glee thinking that his daughter didn't care for shoes. Now he's a little worried. After living with me for almost six years he understands the obsession that comes over women and their need for cute new shoes. Now he'll have two girls who love shoes under his roof. Just the other day I found a super cute pair of church shoes for Tralee on clearance. She didn't have any church shoes that fit, so I bought them, and once home I immediately showed Tralee them. She wanted them on right away. I was so excited and Jim even admitted I got a steal of a deal and that the shoes were cute!

Last night Tralee really wanted her Daddy's shoes on. So we captured a few pictures of the experience. It was cute. Excuse her appearance in the pictures. As I have mentioned in earlier posts, Tralee doesn't like to waist time with diaper changes, so she ran away before I got her pants back on. Before I got them back on, she decided to step into her Daddy's shoes. I didn't want to waist this photo opportunity just to properly dress her, so the pictures are what they are. Also, much to my dismay right after I put Tralee in her jammies, she found some chocolate. I have no idea where, but she also has chocolate stains on her shirt. What's a mom to do? Just snap cute pictures I guess, regardless of what Tralee looks like! She's pretty darn cute, even with her neglected appearance! She was so proud to have her Daddy's shoes on.

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Boom said...

She is so darn cute...I hope she does not mind me hugging on her when I get there!