Thursday, March 27, 2008

Sick Girl

Tralee has an ear infection. I took her to the doctor today, because the cold she's been fighting for almost a month seemed to take a turn for the worst. Tralee hasn't been sleeping well. First it's too difficult for her to fall asleep, because of all the congestion. Then when she FINALLY doses off, she wakes up twenty minutes later from a coughing fit, and the cycle starts over again. I was up with her from 3:30 am until 5:30 am. I think she just gave up on sleeping, because she couldn't get comfortable with all the stuffiness. She finally dozed off, and when she woke up this morning her eyes were swollen. The doctor said it's because all the fluids are built up in her sinuses and that's blocking off her tear ducts. Poor baby! It's been an exhausting, frustrating, and sad few weeks watching Tralee suffer. I would have taken her to the Doctor sooner, but it seemed as though she was getting better. I guess her little anti-bodies couldn't quite fight off her illness, so it took over. Her Doctor prescribed some medicine to help join the battle. Hopefully this stupid cold will FINALLY go away! It's a dirty, yucky, stinky, infection and I want it to DIE!!! I'm usually a make love not war kind of person, but I want this infection to go to H-E-Double-Hockey-Sticks and leave Tralee alone. She needs to be healthy again.

Tralee DID NOT like the doctor's office. Poor Dr. Babel (who I love) had to deal with Tralee SCREAMING the whole time. Tralee doesn't like strangers, and she REALLY doesn't like it when strangers try to touch her or hold her. So, when he was listening to her heart beat, even though I was holding her, she still freaked! It was even worse when he looked into her ears. She was fighting so hard, we had to lay Tralee on the table, while the Dr. held her head still, and I held her arms down. The whole time she was screaming. MY GOODNESS! She probably wouldn't have been so bad, if she felt better and got enough sleep. But she already had two strikes against her going into the doctor's office. Having a strange Nurse and Doctor examine her just put it over the top. She was DONE!

I've already given Tralee her first dose of medicine, and she chased it down with some infant's Tylenol. So. . . hopefully in a few days she'll start getting her health back. I can't wait to have a healthy daughter again.


Meagan said...

Sorry she is sick. Don't count on doctor visits getting any better though...Brooklyn starts screaming the second they ask her to stand on the scale. We spent about fifteen minutes trying to weigh her at the 18 month apt. She refused to stand on the big scale so they had me put her on the baby scale, where she proceeded to flail and scream so much that the scale couldn't even get a reading. We had to go into the room, calm down and try again. The rest of the appointment was about the same. Good luck!

Boom said...

I'm so sorry for my little munchkin and for your pain. I guess it's an important part of parenting or Heavenly Father would cut that part out. She will start feeling better by tomorrow. If you have the same problem as Meagan with getting Brooklyn weighed, just have them weigh you and then weigh you holding Tralee.

Hannah S said...

That's a bummer that she's sick. Hello! I found your blog via Meagans and your mom's! I hope you don't mind if I add yours to my list? It's fun to read these esp when we can't keep in touch as we'd like.